LIL: Swans and Ponds in My Pictures for the LMAC Image Gallery

This week I'm offering to the LMAC Image Gallery, LIL, pictures that mostly have a water theme. Although the Supreme Court of the U.S. ruled once that Long Island is technically not an island, our little bit of land is surrounded by water :) In summertime especially, this presents wonderful opportunities to observe nature.

Many of the images I show today were taken from the vantage of a bridge that is within walking distance of my local library. If you look at the map below, that bridge would approximately be located near where the A is indicated.

Map Showing Distribution of Water Bodies Around Long Island
Parks_and_Greenspace_New_York_City_Map_Julius_Schorzman 2.5.png
Credit: Julius_Schorzman. CC 2.5 license.

Udall Mill Pond is featured in my pictures, as is Little Neck Bay (in the distance.) The historic Mill Pond House is also featured. The Mill Pond is also known as Udall Pond. This pond feeds into Little Neck Bay, which feeds into Long Island Sound. The Sound feeds into the Atlantic Ocean. Both Little Neck Bay and Long Island Sound are estuaries, which means they blend salt water with fresh water.

Some pictures I snapped in this area of Long Island didn't make it into the gallery, but are interesting nonetheless. Here is one shot of two children chasing after ducks.

brothers and duck.png

The boys, and the ducks, were moving too fast for me to get a steady image.

If you haven't borrowed from LIL yet, or better yet, contributed to it, please do. This is a resource open to everyone in the Hive community. Rules and procedures for borrowing/contributing are spelled out here.

As I write this blog I'm planning for my next blog, which will present (I hope) a collage for the LMAC collage contest. The contest runs till Monday night, and there are prizes for the best entries. Join us! Rules and procedures may be found here.

The contest, and LIL, were the inspiration of @shaka. He not only created these two projects, but has guided their growth for some time now. Recently, he received hands-on support from a dedicated team: @quantumg (our magician coder and developer), and @mballesteros (our bilingual curator/moderator).

I hope you enjoy my pictures, and hope you will check out the gallery in a few days to see if these pictures have found a comfortable place there.

Thank you for reading my blog. Hive on!

Swan Family Swans, Cygnets, Pond, Ripples
Swan Pair and Swan Babies Swans, Swan Family, Pond, Swanlings
View of the Pond and Swans Pond, Reeds, Swans
Two Swans and Young Pond, Swans, Reflection, Ripples
Homes on Pond Shore Pond, Shore, Houses, Reflection, Buildings
Reeds on the Shoreline Pond, Reeds, Nature, Reflection
Setting Sun on Little Neck Bay Sun, Sky, Bay, Water, Trees, Shoreline
Distant View of Little Neck Bay Bay, Pond, Sky, Shoreline
Pond and Distant Shore Pond, Shore, Water, Trees, Reeds, Nature
Tree Branch in a Pond Tree, Branch, Pond, Shore, Trees
Shoreline With Reeds Pond, Trees, Reeds, Shore
Shore View With Mill House Shore, Water, Mill, Pond
Throgs Neck Bridge on Little Neck Bay Horizon, Bridge Profile, Bay
House Among the Trees Trees, House, Building
Flowers on a Bridge Rail Bouquet of Flowers, Bay
Bridge Trees, Shrubs, Bridge
Bird on a Limb Silhouette Bird Silhouette, Leaves Silhouette
Bird Profile in Silhouette Bird Silhouette, Branch Silhouette
Bird on Branch Silhouette Bird Profile, Silhouette, Animal
Memorial Bridge Sign Sign, Memorial Bridge Sign
No Parking on Bridge Sign Sign, No Parking Sign, Bridge Sign
Golden Bridge Seal Seal, Emblem
Bird on a Wire Bird, Bird on Wire, Animal
Bird Bird, Animal
Three Birds in Silhouette Birds, Silhouettes, Animals
Elderly Man With Umbrella Man, Person, Human, Elderly Man, Umbrella
Elderly Man Walking With Umbrella Man Walking, Elderly Man, Human, Person, Umbrella
Man in Black Man, Person, Human
Two Swans Birds, Swans, Animals
White Dented Car Transportation, Automobile, Car, Dented Car
Statue With Classic Theme Statue
Row of Ornamental Statues Statues, Statues of Urns
Face in a Rock Rock, Rock With Eyes
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