LIL: Pictures From the Outdoors for the LMAC Gallery

My husband and I have been walking around local communities. Spring and fall are the best times for long walks. This year I take my camera with me. You can see the images I captured by just stopping and looking around. One image, the horse and rider, my daughter sent me. I played with it a little to make it look more like an illustration than a photo.

You can see that I am entranced by doorways. In my area we don't have very much new home construction. The different architectural fads are evident in different communities. The doorways featured here were all found within a few blocks of each other. The community was incorporated in 1931, but the homes are mostly brick and stone so they have held up well.

These pictures, of course, are contributed to LIL, LMAC's Image Library. This gallery of images is comprised of public domain photos, which means anyone in the Hive community can use them. The LMAC community not only offers these images free to anyone, but also invites everyone on Hive to contribute to our collection. We do ask that if you borrow an image you designate the author of that image as a 2% beneficiary on your blog.

Contributing to LIL is easy. Process and rules are spelled out in this blog, by @shaka.

Before I finish this post, I'd like to point out that the LMAC collage contest is running right now. Plenty of time to join in the fun. Contest rules and procedures may be found on @shaka's blog here.

The inspiration and coding magic that make the gallery possible come from @shaka and @quantumg. Without the efforts also of team member @mballesteros, assembling and maintaining the gallery would not be such a smooth process.

I hope these images are useful to the Hive community. They were fun to make. Health and peace to all.

Turtle Turtle Statue, Turtle, Animal, Lawn Ornament
Butterfly Plastic Butterfly, Lawn Ornament, Butterfly, Insect
Horse and Rider Horseback Riding, Rider, Horse, Sport
House Entrance Doorway, Entrance, House Doorway
House Entrance Tower, House Entrance, Home Entrance
House Entrance Doorway, House Entrance, Home Entrance
House Entrance Doorway, Door, House Entrance, Home Entrance
Tower Tower, Building
Decorative Window Window, Window Set in Brick, Round Window
Wicker Chairs Lawn Furniture, Wicker Chairs
Stained Glass Windows Windows, House Ornament, Stained Glass
Black Swan Statues Bird Statues, Swan Silhouette, Black Bird Silhouettes
Green Bench Bench, Green Bench
Climbing Gym Play Equipment, Gym, Yard Toy
Pedestrian Bridge Footbridge, Pedestrian Bridge
Stone Footbridge Pedestrian Bridge, Footbridge, Stone Bridge
Tree With Blossoms Tree With Blossoms, Plant
Jockey Lawn Statue Jockey, Statue, Lawn Ornament
Playhouse Tower Playhouse, Tower
Boulder Rock, Boulder
Outdoor Display Light Outdoor Display Light, Rocks, Spotlight

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