LIL: Photographs for the LMAC Image Library

LIL. What does that stand for? LMAC Image Library. And what is that? That is a bold strike for creative independence. Let's Make a Collage community is drawing upon the resources of its members to assemble a dynamic library of images. These will be assembled with tags for easy access.

All images donated to the library will be with "no strings attached". That is, there will be no copyright restriction, no attribution, no credit. Your pictures, if you donate them, will be a gift to the community.

The library is one of the truest expressions of decentralization. We all participate voluntarily. People from all over the world come together and contribute to each other's creative growth.

Join LMAC. In September, the community will open for regular 'business', which is a weekly competition between collage creators. You don't have to be an artist. I am not. You don't have to be a photographer. I am not. If you enjoy creating--welcome.

Rules for contributing to the library are spelled out in @shaka's blogs. The pictures must be presented in the format shown in this blog. It's easy to do. If I can do it, anybody can.

These are the blogs that explain the formatting and library rules:
LMAC Summer Special: Let's Build the LMAC Image Library
The LMAC Summer Special: Let's Build the LMAC Image Library Rule Update

I'm not sure all the pictures shown on this page will be useful. I put up a bunch so the most suitable can be selected.

Geese and Flowers at the Beach Geese, Beach, Flowers
Tunnel Beach, Tunnel
Surfers Beach, Surfers, Surf
Pigeon and Viewer Telescope Viewer Telescope, Pigeon, Beach
Beach Flowers Beach Flowers, Grass, Weeds
The Shore and Birds Crashing Waves, Jogger, Flock of Birds, Beach
Seashore and Sky Sea Foam, Beach, Shore, Birds
Footprints on the Beach Footprints, Beach, Seashore, Birds, Sky
Jones Beach Tower Monument, Sky, Lawn
Cat in Tree Pine, Cat
Beach Umbrella Beach, Horizon, Umbrella, Sky, Sea
Seagulls on the Beach Seagulls, Beach, Boats, Bay
Firepit Fire, Firepit, Charred Wood
Bridge Bridge, Rural, Countryside
Curious Cat Cat
House in the Woods Forest, House,
Railroad Crossing Railroad Tracks, Country Hotel, Boy on Bicycle, Railroad Crossing
Zucchini Zucchini, Vegetable, Fruit
Beach Shrubs Along the Shore Beach Shrubs, Shore, Coast
View of the Bay Rocks, Bay, Boats
Bird Refuge Birds, Beach
Bunny at the Beach Bunny, Grass
Driftwood Beach, Driftwood
Beach Plant Plant, Weed, Beach
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