LIL: More Spring Pictures for LMAC's Image Gallery

Today I post more pictures for #LIL, LMAC's Image Library. All the pictures were taken locally. Now that spring offers some balmy days, I am outdoors more and am able to capture some interesting images (I hope they are interesting). Several photos here were also taken at a community farm.

The Canada geese were together when I snapped their pictures. It is possible they are a mated pair, since these geese mate for life and egg laying season is just about now in my area. The male is supposed to have the longer neck, but I can't tell them apart. I just think they are beautiful.

If you are not familiar with LIL, then you might want to head on over there now and see the great variety of pictures available to Hive bloggers. Bloggers may borrow from and contribute to the library. Rules for participating are described here. LMAC's (Let's Make a Collage) weekly collage contest continues today. If you hurry, you can enter the contest before the end of the day. Join us.

As always, I thank @shaka for creating the LMAC community, and for infusing it with the positive, creative energy that has fostered amazing growth. I thank my fellow team members, @mballesteros and @quantumg, for helping to keep the LMAC motor running smoothly.

Goose Eating Grass Goose, Geese, Canada Geese, Animal, Fowl
Goose Eating Goose, Geese, Animal, Fowl
Two Ducks Fowl, Ducks, Animal
White Goat With Beard Animal, Goat, Farm Animal
Brown and White Goat Animal, Goat, Farm Animal
Sheep Sitting Animal, Sheep, Farm Animal
Black Steer Sitting Animal, Cow, Farm Animal, Steer
Brown Steer Sitting Animal, Steer, Farm Animal, Cow
Man in a Hoodie With Coffee Man, Human, Person, People
Man in a Hoodie Profile Man, Person, Human, People
Two Women Walking Woman, Women, Person, People, Human
Man Gazing Peacefully Man, Person, People, Human
Man in Baseball Cap Man, Human, Person, People
Man in Winter Coat Man, Person, Older Person, Human, People
Owl Decoy Farm Prop, Owl Decoy
Woman With Handcart Farm Equipment, Woman, Handcart
Plastic Deer Lawn Ornament, Plastic Deer, Deer Figure
Metal Picnic Table and Benches Turquoise Picnic Table, Benches, Metal Picnic Set
Plastic Butterfly and Daisy Lawn Ornament, Plastic Butterfly, Plastic Daisy, Plastic Flower, Plastic Insect
Circular Window Window, Circular Window, Wooden Window
Communal Mailbox Mailbox, Communal Mailbox
Side View of a Greenhouse Building, Garden Equipment, Nursery Equipment, Greenhouse

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