LIL: Fish, a Pond, and a Very Hungry Crow

Greetings to the Hive community. Today I'm offering a collection of pictures for LIL, the LMAC Image Library. I snapped most of these photos myself, but the crow sequence was captured by my daughter when she was in Miami. She was relaxing by a swimming pool and caught sight of a crow in pursuit of a French fry. The story didn't end with the sequence shown in the post below.

After the bird collected the fry, she/he carried it to the edge of the pool, dipped it in water, and then hungrily consumed the morsel. Here, presented photographically, is the rest of the story.

Crow Dipping the Fry
crow dipping fry.png

Crow Eating the Fry
crow eating fry.png

All the pond pictures shown in this blog were snapped (by me) in a very exclusive area, not far from where I live. This community does not seem to welcome guests. No Parking and No Standing signs were posted everywhere. To accommodate these restrictions, my husband would stay in the car and I would pop out to take a photo. Some pictures I even took from my car window (Ducks in the Grass, for example).

Here's one picture that didn't come out very well when I used the drive-by method (note the car's side mirror, reflecting my hand, in the frame).

Ducks in the Grass, From a Car Window
ducks from the window.png

Have you visited #LIL? Next time you need a public domain photo, try this unique Hive resource. #LIL has some amazing pictures. Anyone on Hive may borrow from the library and everyone may contribute to it. Rules and procedures here.

LMAC Collage Contest
The image library is an extension of the LMAC Collage Contest, which is currently in its 128th round. Check it out. Join in the fun. There are prizes and an interesting network of creatively inclined people. Both the contest and the library grew from @shaka's inspiration and hard work. There is also a dedicated team (@quantumg and @mballesteros) that helps him keep the community engine running smoothly.

I hope you like my pictures. I sure did have fun taking them.

Pond Scene Pond, Flowers, Nature
Pond Scene With Fish Pond, Flowers, Nature, Fish
Pond Scene With Fish and Steps Pond, Fish, Nature, Flowers and Trees
Multi-colored Fish in a Pond Fish, Pond, Reflection
Multi-colored Fish Swimming Pond, Fish, Water, Reflection
Multi-colored Fish Up Close Fish, Pond, Water, Reflection
Rear View of a Fish Fish, Lily Pads, Pond, Reflection, Water
Ducks in a Pond Ducks, Pond, Reflection, Ripples
Ducks Swimming Ducks, Pond, Reflection, Ripples
Five Ducks Swimming Ducks, Water, Pond,Nature
Six Ducks Swimming Ducks, Pond, Water, Reflection, Ripples
Five Ducks on the Grass Ducks, Grass, Nature
Six Ducks on the Grass Ducks, Grass, Nature
Three Ducks on the Grass Ducks, Grass
Pond, With Pond Grass and Fish Grass, Pond, Water, Fish
Pond View With Reflections Pond, Flora, Reflections, Water, Nature
Pond Scene, With Flora and Fish Pond, Flowers, Pond Flora, Lily Pads, Fish
Tree Group Tree, Shadows, Street,
Tree Group in the Suburbs Trees, Grass, Suburban Street
Stone Steps Steps, Stone Steps, Shrubs
Garden Decorations Easter, Garden, Decorations
Shadowy Path Through the Trees Trees, Forest, Path, Shadows
Garden Sitting Shelter Open Cottage, Building, Sitting Shelter, Bench
Pigeon on a Roof Peak Pigeon, Roof Peak, Animal, Bird
Wood Slice Stack Wood Slices, Wood Stack
Stone Garden Enclosure Shrubs, Garden, Stone, Stone Wall
Flower Petals Up Close Flower, Plant, Petals
Crow Sequence: Pursuing a French Fry Bird, Picture Sequence, French Fry, Funny, Crow, Animal
Row of Stones Stones, Stone Decoration
Tree Stump Surrounded by Rocks Rocks, Tree Stump

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