LIL: A Collection of Photo for LMAC's Image Library

Today I offer my weekly collection of images for the LMAC Image Library, LIL. So much is happening in the development of the library. @shaka and @quantumg are putting their heads together and creating not only a comprehensive Index, but also a website for the community.

I've tried to include less commonly found images, such as money, rocks and paths. My humble attempt at art this week includes a swamp monster from my last collage and an interpretive impression of a man and a girl.

Procedures for contributing to the library may be found here. Of course, all of this is an outgrowth of the LMAC collage contest that we hold almost weekly.

I hope every reader of this blog is tempted to contribute to our library and to participate in our contest. The library is a resource for all of Hive, and the contest invites everyone to participate.

Hope my pictures are helpful. Health and peace to everyone.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Musical Figurine Figurine, Musical Figurine, Ceramic Figure
Work Cart Tools, Garden Tools, Work Cart, Garden Cart
Botanical Garden Lane Lane, Path, Gravel, Flower Pot, Plants, Flowers, Shadows
Spider Web Web, Spider Web
Botanical Garden Exotic Plant Plant, Exotic Plant
Bicycle in the Street Bicycle
Botanical Garden Path and Metal Arch Arch, Metal Arch, Garden, Flowers, Botanical Garden
Botanical Garden Arch and Bench Bench, Metal Arch, Garden, Flowers, Plants
Assorted Seagulls Seagulls, Birds, Bird Poses
Botanical Garden Pond View With Bridge Pond, Lilly Pads, Reflections, Shadows, Pedestrian Bridge
Ocean Shore in Autumn Ocean Shore, Boat, Waves, Horizon
Ceramic Sugar Bowl Pottery, Ceramic Sugar Bowl
Black Flashlight Flashlight, Black Flashlight
Path to the Greenhouse Path, Greenhouse, Building, Shadows, Bunny, Lane, Garden
Wooden Path in the Garden Path, Garden, Wooden Path, Gravel, Stones
Vintage Orange Juice Strainer Glass Orange Juice Strainer, Vintage Kitchen Accessory, Orange Juice Strainer
Community Sign Against Hate Sign Against Hate, Sign
Seagull on the Shore Seagull, Beach, Shore, Ocean, Horizon
Pensive Cat Cat, Thoughtful Cat
Vase With Indigenous Motif Vase, Glazed Vase
Botanical Garden Pool Stones, Rocks, Boulders, Flowers, Pool, Leaves, Shadows, Ferns
Vintage Ceramic Teapot Teapot, Vintage Teapot, Vintage Ceramic Teapot
Muddy Pool in the Garden Mud, Stones, Rocks, Garden, Shadows, Puddle
Seagull on the Beach Seaweed, Beach, Seagull, Shore, Waves, Horizon
Beagle Sleeping Beagle, Dog, Sleeping Dog
Silver Car Car, Silver Car, Sedan
Distant View of Allenwood Pond Pond, Lake, Grass
Impression of a Man and a Girl Art, Man, Girl, Boy, Woman
Two Mushrooms Fungus, Mushroom
Leaf Turning Color Leaf, Multiple Copies of a Leaf, Leaf Turning Color
Tree in Allenwood Park Tree, Small Tree, Park
House on the Edge of the Park House, White House, Grass, Park
Gazebo in Allenwood Park Gazebo, Park, Plants
Art Figure: Swamp Creature Art, Cartoon Figure, Fantasy Figure
Bench in Allenwood Park Bench, Park, Grass
Shadowy Pond in the Botanical Garden Pond, Shadows, Reeds, Trees
Stone and Flower in the Botanical Garden Stones, Rocks, Flower, Plants
Trees Reflecting on Water Reflection, Trees, Shadows
Coins and Paper Money Money, Currency, Coins, Bills
Coins Money, Currency, Coins
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