They scream. My collage for Let's Make a Collage - A Contest for All Creatives on Hive - Round 79

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They have been shouting for so long that they have already forgotten the reason for the first dispute. With the passing of the years, and then of decades and ages, they have had to invent the reason again.
Sometimes they have seen that the other looked down on their skin color, sometimes it has been the length of the other's nose that they thought looked certainly evil, sometimes it has been land that the other has no right to have, or religion (religion has always been a good motive, almost as good as political ideas).
Over time they have also learned to cover their disputes with emblems: a color, a symbol, a flag? And they always speak of love: love for a land, for a people, for a god, for an idea....
How many times has the world been destroyed by those who love a land, a people, a god, an idea so much?
Bullets are fired in the name of peace and people are imprisoned in the name of love.
Doves often fly low and roses fall on graves in the meantime.

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The ruins tell the story of a threatening world. People have known how to build shelters with stones and they are beautiful shelters.

The great power-sick have used fear for conquest. That is why they are people who resemble the wolves I see around me: even dictatorships know how to read in the history and fears of man, and they all speak of love and peace.

Despite the preceding discourse (I was about to not submit my work because I thought it was too much of a killjoy), I liked the artistic experience of making this protest collage, using the incredible photo of @shaka.

Ronda 79.jpg

I made my power monsters with Make Human and worked, as always, my collage with Gimp.



White rose


Mushroom cloud

Neolithic arrowhead,_frontera_de_N%C3%ADger_y_Mali,_2021-01-15,_DD_244-293_FS. jpg

Dove 1 JPG

Dove 2

Dove 3

Dove 4

separador rosa blanca.png

Una amiga me dijo una vez que no valía la pena tomar tanto trabajo si no se iba a decir nada. Fue un consejo acerca de la valentía de decir. Lo agradezco.

Gracias por la compañía. Bienvenidos siempre.

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