The paradise dilemma and other things that happened while I was making my collage. My participation for Let's Make a Collage - A Contest for All Creatives on Hive - Round 78


A version of Paradise?

Since I started participating in the LMAC contests, Let's Make a Collage(there the last call for entries, and we are already on round 78, I have made a few versions of paradise. I remember at least three. Maybe my collage today is the fourth version.
Is it a future paradise or is it an allegory of paradise lost? I don't know. I do know that I have put Phobos, one of the Martian satellites, hidden and that I have put an antique representation of the Christmas tree, conveniently upholstered with orange roses.

Ronda 78.jpgThe photo by @shaka is beautiful. I wanted my collage to be all that blue and those amazing textures and colors of the leaves and slime. So I took that lake and turned it into sky and put a galaxy in there. There is room for a galaxy in @shaka's lake. That photo is that beautiful.


My Adam and my Eve

My Adam and Eve are black and, behind them, there is a small scene of elephants. They mark a point of origin. According to one of the most widely accepted theories of man's origin, our earliest ancestors come from Africa. These elements to highlight this message may be a bit crude, but I hope they are clear.
The counterpoint is in the futuristic city in the background.
And so the dilemma around my paradise was built.


Building genitals

It's not my lousy English, that's how you read it. I don't know what technical or puritanical flaw my version of Make Human has, but I can't give characteristics to my characters' genitalia.
Women and men display a featureless pelvis. Maybe some hair when I choose very black skins, but no vulvas and no penises, so my Adam was as asexual as a billiard ball.
And nothing, I took my digital paintbrush and fabricated proper genitalia for them.
I didn't borrow any genitalia images for my collage. You can imagine my computer screen when I did the search...

What unusual paths @shaka takes us down in the pursuit of art!

See you next time.


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Lotus jpg

NGC 414

Life tree jpg




The Zamuros are mine

Zamuro ese par.pngTodo paraíso necesita guardianes.

Gracias por la compañía. Bienvenidos siempre.

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