Short Bus to the Moon!

Many of us have seen the old investing firm commercials. You know the one. The sharp dressed guy strolls casually around his office, practicing his golf swing, and telling his broker to sell shares of this at that price and buy shares of that at this price, before hanging up and opening the door for his children to run inside for hugs. It's delightful. If only life could be so easy for all of us, right?

Welcome to your very own personal, and customized version of that. Smart contracts are your broker. You tell it what you want and when you want it and forget it until it executes. Then you collect your money. "How much money?", you ask. Well, that depends. Are you investing money from outside or are you planting a seed to grow from scratch? It matters.

If you already have money to play with and just want to jump right in do hit me up and I'll discuss what I know about whatever you're interested in and try you point you in the right direction, but this post isn't for you. This post if for the rest of us. The folks that don't have investing options because life is too expensive to allow for the luxury of waiting for an apple to grow. We're hungry now, so let's dig in!

We've touched on staking enough by now to know what it is, and why it's important so I don't want to go over it again (unless there are specific questions to consider). What I am going to focus on, however, is the painstaking misery of growing from nothing has been for me so you can have a better idea of the experience and know what to expect.

Again, I'm speaking from HIVE so I'll be using it as my example. If you know of another place like it please let me know! Once you get your account, free or paid, login to Type up an introduction. Tell a little about who you are, interests, goals,... whatever, just say hello to everyone. Expect a few upvotes as a welcome. Some will probably be from bots, but it doesn't matter. A vote is a vote. You may notice a $ amount attached to upvotes, ex. sinistry upvoted your post ($0.01). In a few days your wallet will reflect your earnings from that post.

Stake it (Power Up). You'll earn interest. Stake that, too. Write something else. Stake those profits. Then, when you're ready, go check out Next time you have profits, don't stake them. Send them to your engine wallet and start shopping. There are many tokens to buy that mine other tokens. That's it. Find the projects that look successful and ride those fucking coat tails to the moon, then your own slice of whatever heaven or hell you dream of. Click to buy low. Click to sell high. Click to get your money sent to your bank. Swipe to spend, still, mostly.

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