My Introduction To The Hive Community!!!

Hello everyone!!!

If you want to know why I'm at home instead of in school, and what keeps me busy these days, get comfortable. You're in for a treat!.

It feels so nice to be on this platform and be given the opportunity to express myself in different ways through writing. It is such a privilege to be on here and I am definitely not going to take it for granted.

With that being said I would like to introduce myself

My name is Okwu Ifunanya Zita. I have lived on the earth for 21 whole years. I was born on the 31st of October in the year 2000. I am from Ekwusigo LGA, Anambra state, Nigeria, West Africa.I was born and raised in Festac Town, Lagos state which is in the western part of Nigeria.

I did my primary school education in Lagos, and for secondary education I attended an all girls catholic boarding school in Osun state called Regina Mundi Girls’ Catholic Secondary school.
It’s safe to say I garnered quite the experience and made a lot of good memories and friends.

I am currently studying Nursing Sciences at the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus. My school is located in the eastern part of Nigeria and moving there, after basically being in the west all my life, was a life-changing ordeal. I had to learn the culture and tradition of my tribe and learn the language-Igbo - and different dialects. I still have a long way to go but I think my Igbo is pretty decent.

Being in the university can be compared to being in another world of its own. It can be scary and crazy and if care is not taken you can easily lose yourself. I’m currently in my fourth year and I thank God for seeing me through all these years. I have learned a lot of valuable lessons from my journey, it has not been easy in the slightest.

Right now my educational journey has been put on pause and I'm at home because the Academic Staff Union of Universities embarked on a strike action in February. Apparently the Federal Government withheld salaries of our lecturers for months and refused to pay. By implication, our education was affected and we, the students, are just kind of chilling at home looking for other ways to better our lives since schools are not in session.

This only affects federal schools that are under the payroll of the government.

All that being said, my way of passing time and bettering my life was making the decision to work as an intern nurse at a hospital close to my house. So these days I go to the hospital Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I started on the 3rd of June and I’ve experienced so many things and people so far.

I’ve assisted in three different surgical operations;
The first was a hysterectomy: the surgical removal of the female reproductive organ,
The second was a herniorrhaphy: the surgical correction of a hernia, and
The third was a cesarean section: an alternative method of child delivery that involves making an incision on the abdomen that grants you access to the womb, and removing the baby through the opening, instead of the normal vaginal delivery.

All three of these operations were a first time experience and they were frankly frightening, but I couldn’t exactly react in the way I wanted to so I kept my cool. Remembering them now gives me chills.

Furthermore, I have witnessed different disease conditions and learnt how to care for the respective patients appropriately.

That about sums it all up for me and my life as of this moment.


I was introduced to hive last year August by a very good friend and senior colleague of mine, Jerry Hanks. The conversation came up after I mentioned my love for writing to him. He immediately told
me about it and how it was also profitable.

I was not sure about it because I only ever wrote as a hobby and my works were not exactly internet worthy. I didn’t follow up on it till days ago when I remembered the conversation we had. So here I am with my introductory post.


I’m still getting familiar with the platform and have only joined a few communities. Moving forward, I am going to explore the different communities and try my hand on everything. I am not opposed to any topic, niche or genre.

So expect a little bit of me everywhere


I expect to be consistent in writing and posting. I hope to grow with this platform and contribute to the success of Hive to the best of my abilities. No pressure.
I also hope my writing gets better and better.

Be kind to vote, like and leave encouraging comments down below

Thank you

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