To A Girl With A Beautiful Face And Heart "Happy Birthday"


I had seen and known this girl from afar until we became friends.
She is beautiful from the inside out
She is a strong girl that know how well to handle situations and challenges life throws at her
When something is too good to be true. I barely know eddy tom but I can still say a little about her.
Her quietness is worst than her craziness lol; fear it
She just knows how to get you laughing real hard even when you were angry or sad.
She seems to understand me way too much than I understand her.
She’s been a friend, church member, close paddy, and my gossip partner.
This babe introduced me to photo shoot and since then she’s been a real trouble when it comes to shoot lol.
She is cheerful with a really pretty face, beautiful heart and glamorous smiles.
She is addicted to pen and by that I mean writing. She pours out her heart in writing and documenting everything on pages.
She loves singing and she screams well for the lord lol
She loves dancing as well
Eddy is a brilliant girl and she appears to be one.
She is outspoken and stands to her words.
She takes some burdens upon herself even when it wasn’t hers in the first place.
She is the only girl that nags and troubles my life so much and I like her just the way she is.


I can’t forget not even for once the writing she made for me and I was smiling almost with tears.
She knows how to value people and friendship
She doesn’t take the ones she loves and cares for, for granted
She is genuine and true to every word that escapes from her lips.
If I wanna continue telling about her then I may never finish today.

Because its your day, dear I am celebrating you in my heart and mind
I can’t offer you what the world can give
I can’t repay you for all the love and care you have shown in our few years of knowing each other.
You amaze me at times and I am like WOW.
You are rare and you are special.
I remember you telling me that you wish to have or find a friend that can make you feel of great importance and also put a smile on your face and lighting up your world.
Dear I can’t promise that cause you already have thousands of them
All I can wish you, is to be happy, continue being the lovely girl you are and keep staying true.
Keep being yourself and doing good.
Never change, stick to the way God created you and I know you will find great happiness someday; I know you will.


Happy birthday dear!
Grow in grace and wisdom of God
The strength to continue in this life and heavenly race.
More resources to fund your life and that of your family
More beauty and a pretty face lol
More of everything you ever wished and prayed for.
I say Amen to every prayed said on your behalf.
My wazanosa! My baby girl!

Happy birthday


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