Affected By What You Love


Have you ever been affected by the same thing you love so much?
Yet you can still choose that thing over and over again?
It can be a person, it can be something very dear to you. Anything at all but just something you loved yet it's affecting you in a way.
Well, I have one very distinctive thing I love so much and if possible I can love it with the whole of my heart, yet this same thing affects me so badly, in a way I can't even explain or understand. To the point that I even accept my fate that perhaps it is just how I am or my system works.

And what is that thing I love? It's Cold Weather.
Well, it's only a crazy person that will tell you he or she loves cold right? Hahaha, then I don't mind being that crazy person. I hate heat with passion and to me, it's very disturbing and makes me so uneasy and restless.

My love for cloudy weather and the dark sky is associated with the cold it brings. When the sky changes color, automatically the weather and atmosphere will change as well accompanied by sweet and relaxing breeze/fresh air that leaves you shivering and your body yearning for warmth.
Oh, that heavenly sensation is second to none. It can't ever be compared.
I am crazy about the dark sky, I am crazy about the cloudy atmosphere, I am crazy about the sweet breeze and the coldness it brings, I am crazy about the way my body reacts to every bit of it.



And here is the funny part, I am the number one lover of cold weather yet the same cold-weather deals with me personally, physically, emotionally, and otherwise.
I have even been tagged the girl with the hood and cardigan because of that.
Yes, I am always seen on my cardigan and warmer almost 24hours round the clock especially this rainy season. I can't go anywhere without it.
I can go without my warmer but not my cardigan.

I have had two striking funny encounters because of my body system and how it responses to cold weather.
Someone has stopped me before on the road to ask if I was okay because to her it was very hot but I was feeling cold and I was on my cardigan, no! Don't give me that looks, nothing was wrong with me but they thought something was. She thought maybe I wasn't feeling fine or something but that wasn't the case.
Whenever I complain or mention feeling cold on a normal day, my grandma will always ask me to go for a check-up that I may be sick or she would ask the last time I took medications.


One of the very funny experiences was when we went to a program somewhere outside my city. The village or location we went to had my kind of weather; very cold and chilly.
The whole surrounding was filled with cold fresh air and the place was surrounded by rivers so you could imagine what would become of such place.
We even tagged that place Air condition village



It was freaking cold the first night and I woke up in the middle of the night shaking and shivering, but not for the love of God I might have turned to ice, it was that serious. The gnashing of my upper and lower jaw teeth and the funny noises I was making woke others up. They were astonished when they saw me shaking, the level of the cold was premium, and worst of all is that I didn't go there with my cardigan. So it was like a dead-end to me but I survived. Friends lend me some of their clothes to cover up just so that I won't be shaking as I did again. I fought through the night and in the morning I became a bit better.

There are other experiences I cannot remember. Cold is something I love very much yet it affects my kind of system in a very harsh and cruel way. My body reacts very easily to cold but I just can't help the love for it.
Today was yet another rainy. The cloud and sky changed color of course. It became dark before it finally started raining.
I couldn't help but do one of the things I know how to and love to do; taking different shots of the weather changes.



I will leave some of them here for us to also enjoy the view with me. Yes, this is one of my best or favorite things. This weather does melt my heart in a special way and for me its a perfect weather for romantic sit-outs and even proposals🥺🤭😅

Now I will leave the floor for you guys to also share one or two things you love so much but in a way, it affects you.

As for me, this is one major thing I love so well yet it affects me without even sparing a little.
So tell me your side of the story guys.
Thank you for reading from me today guys.

Still your baby girl ;

To my faithful readers and wonderful sponsors, my heart goes out to you guys. Thank you for making my journey here a fun-filled and exciting one. Thanks for trusting and supporting my work too. I pray that God bless you all real good :)

17 August 2021

PS: All photos are mine except stated otherwise


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