Plaza Bolivar, the place of recreation on Sundays in my childhood.


Good evening friends of this community.

Today I went to a bank that is in front of the Plaza Bolívar in my town. While I waited for the entity to open, I observed this beautiful place that as a child I traveled so many times in the company of my childhood friends. Its appearance in the past was more beautiful, many shady trees, which are few, around them cayenne plants with red, yellow and white flowers that adorned this beautiful place. There was a beautiful fountain in the center that reflected the colors of our national flag.





The caretaker of the square had planted many coffee plants, oranges, he planted mamóncillo and cotopris.Nowadays, there is only one mamóncillo tree and a very leafy Cotopris tree that you can see in a picture, there many gentlemen sit to talk in hours pm.

Every Sunday at seven o'clock at night we went out to walk around the square and have fun for a while because at nine we returned to our homes. Permission was granted until that time.

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Remembering is living.

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