Ending 2020 with Bang: Dreams Do Come True!

Hello Hive!

I was relatively quiet these days in my own blog. I'm still around doing my curation duties in @ocd and @pinmapple, but I haven't really focused on my account that my voting power reached 100% at some point. It rarely happens because I'm always active here.

I just got back from Moalboal and to be honest, I feel I'm still not in the right frame of thinking to write anything, but I also feel I should at least be thankful for the people who made my 2020 a lot better than it should have been. Hive made everything happened in the last three months, from the time I decided I would resign from my day job until the most epic days of 2020, and that's my focus at least before the year ends. I have this distorted sense of time this year, as I think it's true with most of us, because it felt like March 2020 was just three months ago.

I now remember I had this "No Inhibitions 2020", which was sort of a self-mantra I made up in 2019, as I started to loosen up some self-imposed restrictions. I even felt that 2020 would be my year because I was really optimistic last year. The pandemic made me realize that all of your plans can be taken from you anytime. If you have read my letter to me in 2019, you'll have more pieces of information about this. If you haven't read that yet, you can find it in the link below:

That letter was a little bit sad and I think it's just justified with all those cancelled flights and crushed travel plans. On a personal level, I was not able to pursue some items on my bucket list. It was depressing, but I was able to overcome them and that's mainly because of Hive. As I made a very bold and some would say reckless decision to resign from my job, opportunities in Hive came in at a very opportune time. I already thanked these people in my letter, but I won't get tired of thanking them. Thank you @acidyo for the trust in making me part of the OCD Incubation Team. Thank you @livinguktaiwan for inviting me to be part of @pinmapple core team. You two made me committed in Hive more than ever as responsibilities, trusts, and expectations now rest on my shoulders.

The letter was a little bit pessimistic than I was in 2019 and that's mainly because of the pandemic, but what happened in the last 4 days of 2020 made me believe in manifestations of dreams once again. It was epic and I already had a line up of posts in the comings days! I couldn't ask for a better year-ender than what happened. I had this core belief that if you want something so much, the universe will find a way to make it happen.

This time, it was Hive that became instrumental to the formed friendships that then paved a way for me to fulfill some of my dreams. Yes! Dreams do come true and some people are more than willing to help you achieve them.

First, I really wanted to be a diver. Life underwater just fascinates me since I was young. Plus, I have this thalassophobia that I really wanted to overcome. I had been planning to take a Beginner's Diving Course, but for some reasons, it kept on being postponed. I now realized that I have my own right time to be certified. That time was yesterday! Yes! I'm now a certified diver! Albeit beginner, advance courses will come soon! Let's manifest our dreams!

I'll always be grateful to @scubahead for making everything about my diving lessons possible. I'll be documenting everything in the coming days so I'll be busy in the early days of 2021. I'll be sure to share them here. Do you know what's cool? I paid everything in HIVE and HBD! It just means Hive made my dreams come true! When I resigned from my work, I really thought my diving lessons would be in 2021, but opportunities just opened this year. We have been planning with @scubahead for months on how to go about the arrangement. It finally happened!

Then there's this second person that I'll forever be grateful. Thank you @discoveringarni for the gift of friendship! We always talk that we had this deep connection as if we had known each other for a long time. You always lifted me up when I felt down. That level empathy, I never felt that with anyone. What's amazing was that I realized we can talk about anything and share almost the same view on things. The four days that I stayed at your home have been an eye-opener. You and Yohann (@iamyohann) welcomed me into your home as if I'm part of your family. Even Anais was a delight to be with! I had so much fun and my heart was filled with gratitude as my stomach was filled with sumptuous food. I know I can't pay you back with your kindness so I'll pay it forward. I also manifest that your whole family will be successful and happy wherever you will be.

Thank you to @millycf1976 for the company and the vibe. Your laughter was so contagious that I was grinning the whole time we were together. It was so nice to finally meet you and I would love to see you again next time! You're such a beautiful soul and meeting you in person made me more fascinated in your perspectives in life. No wonder @scubahead keeps on mentioning how fascinated he was with your views on things. I would love to hear more stories from you about the similarities and differences of the Philippines and Jamaica. I would also love to interact you more here in Hive. By the way, your corned beef sandwich was simply delectable.

Photo courtesy of @discoveringarni.

Thank you @iamyohann for making another dream of mine come true! I didn't expect that! I never thought I would ever experience flying in a gyrocopter. Looking at those structures from above offers a very unique perspective. I'll forever be grateful. Whatever is your decision, I manifest that you'll be successful in your future endeavours. With @whoaretheyph, I will support it entirely because I felt it was also instrumental for me to experience those things I just experienced. As @discoveringarni had said, there's this karmic action. Again, I'll pay it forward.

Thank you all for helping me end my 2020 with a bang. Thank you for helping me making my dreams come true. Wherever fate, if there's such a thing, will lead me, I'll always remember to give because I've been given so much. I'll also remember to be kind because kindness was the language you taught me in ways I never thought before. Lastly, I'll face the New Year with a delightful heart and with fresh perspectives about life.

Pescador Island

Arigatou gozaimasu!

[I just throw in some jumbled photos. Some photos during my diving lessons will be shared in the next posts as @scubahead will still share them. Just wait, folks!]

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