Definitely Cebu #9: Lambug Beach, Badian, Cebu

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Cebu is one of a kind tourist destination. It will never fail to surprise you with hidden gems that reside in its cities and municipalities. I have been here since 2007 and I'm still amazed with its beauty. One of my goals is to visit all of the municipalities that constitute Cebu and see for myself its hidden treasures.

Now that we are still on quarantine, let me share another instagrammable beach destination that become a buzz in the internet last 2018. We were able to visit it last year and I can say that it can be at par with the famous beaches here.

It would be a cliche, but its blue skies and white beach speaks a lot about summer. I know we all missed that right now, but let's stay at home until this quarantine is over. Let me just share this experience.

Little Bora of Southern Cebu

When you're inkling for a beach escapade, you don't have to spend thousands in resorts or go outside Cebu. There are a lot of beaches both in the north and south of Cebu. I think the beaches in the south are more pocket friendly so I go there more often.

What's great about Lambug White Beach is its proximity to other destinations in the south. You can go to Kawasan Falls or do canyoneering in Alegria or do waterfalls hopping and then head to the beach after. You can spend a night in the beach in tents. You can bring your own or rent the tents available there. Spending the night gazing at the stars would be a great addition to your South Cebu itinerary.

Satellite image of Lambug White Beach from Google Maps

Lambug White Beach is located in Brgy. Lambug, Badian, Cebu. It's in the western side of South Cebu so it's facing Tañon Strait and the island of Negros. It's just a few minutes away from Santander-Barili-Toledo Road via Lambug Beach Road. It's 3~4 hours away from Cebu City South Bus Terminal depending on the traffic. Take the Bato via Barili route and ask the driver to drop you off at Badian proper. There are tricycles in Badian proper that will take you to Lambug Beach. You can also choose to have the bus drop you off at the corner to Lambug Beach. There are habal-habal drivers that are waiting for passengers that are going to the beach.

There are several resorts in Lambug Beach with varying rates and services. If you have the budget, you can choose to back ahead to those resorts as accommodation could get scarce especially during peak seasons. Some of the beach resorts in Lambug Beach are: Magic Beach Resort, Angie's Beach House, 5J Lodge & Beach Resort, Juntos de Novo Beach Resort, JDN Beachfront Nipa Huts, Su Divers Dive Club & Beach Resort, Lambug Beach Homestay, and Grandeur Beach Resort. You can check their various pages for the accommodation.

We were a little bit disappointed when we got there because it was slightly after monsoon season and there's a seasonal bloom of seaweeds. But other than that, everything's fine. We went there to spend the afternoon and night after we had done waterfalls hopping in the area (which I'll be sharing in the coming days).

Sunset watching is also famous in Lambug Beach, but were not able to see one because we slept due exhaustion after the morning activities. If I'll go back to the beach, I'll make sure that I could watch the sunset. I was really excited that time, but you know when you're exhausted because your body's taking over. No regrets though. I'll just make sure I can take photos of the sunset next time.

The next day, we wanted to enjoy the beach before heading home, but it was low tide. Not fit for swimming. We just explore the area on the other side of an embankment that serves as a parking lot and a boundary of the beach. The sky was more cloudy than the day before, but the sea was so calm.

Together with my friends, we never missed a chance to have a photoshoot before going home. Overall, it was a fun experience and I will definitely go back to have a sunset experience that we missed when we were there.

I guess that's all for this post. See you in the next!

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