I'm back... After losing $1,000 on Hive (being locked out of my wallet)


Losing your Master Keys feels like a kind of dying, or maybe a lobotomy and having a portion of your brain removed. After blogging my heart out on Steemit for years, and then jumping ship to Hive to launch on my online diary, my computer crashed one day ...and I lost access to my private keys!

I could still blog over the past few months (as @yahialababidi) using my posting key, but I was denied access to my wallet -- over5000 Hive and 2300 or so Hive Power, accumulated over the years. Grrr...aaargh


Yes, I know, I know... I have no one to blame but myself. Been there, done that. It could have been worse, far worse, I guess, like that guy in the news who own $200 million in Bitcoin, but has misplaced his password and only have 2 tries left... I should have saved my passwords somewhere safe... I did. My Steem password, but techno-phobe (fool) that I am, I did not do the same for Hive.

And, I tried everything, with the help of kind, patients souls like @guiltyparties to breathe life into the my stubborn blue screen of my monitor to resuscitate it (upon the kind suggestion of @theycallmedan). But, alas, it was not to be. I despaired and gnashed my teeth some more, desperately reaching out to anyone who would listen (and some who preferred not to) on this platform that I admire and who have helped me over the years: @acidyo, @fredrikaa, @ausbitbank @blocktrades @pharesim

In a last ditch effort, yesterday, I took my useless computer which had driven me blue in the face, to the geek squad down the street. My hopes were modest, at this point, since I was told I could not recover passwords saved on my browser, but the data: word files, photos, videos, etc... I hoped against hope that I was shrewder than I thought and managed to save my Hive master password in a word file. After paying more than I intended, the files came back and only useless files were salvaged.

One last bright idea occurred to me. I regularly used the @esteem app @ecency (particularly, when a good poem strikes me, in bed, during the small hours of the morning) so I reached out to @Good-karma in hopes my master key might be stored, somewhere. Afterall, I was still logged into the app and using my posting key. Alas, he suggested I open another account and my heart sank. Could I, really, walk away from 3 and 1'2 years? Did I even have the heart and energy to start all over, again? Apparently, yes. So, here I am. Taking a deep breath and dive. Cautiously optimistic.
[Humbling, too, to begin once more, as a newbie with a reputation of 25, after having made it to 70...]


I'll admit, part of my optimism is an unreasoning belief in minor miracles. Who knows, perhaps, someone reading this is smarter than I am and will suggest something that I have not tried. I'm willing to offer 25% of my savings to this computer wiz if he's out there and can send me the remaining 75% to this new account. A boy can dream...

Meantime, for lovers of poetry out there, here's a fairly recent online reading I gave for an International Festival:

Cheers, Yahia

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