wongi says hi hive; here's an introduction🙂


You never know where you find yourself and at what point. Ups and downs, rocky valleys, curves, bends and even straight paths have a role or two to play somehow, someday. Teenagehood is one of the Phases. Lots of lessons are to be learnt and most of them are learnt at a younger age. Relating with people is a thing I love doing amongst others. Doing that with people that are supportive is also very crucial. Dancing, singing and troubleshooting are some other hobbies of mine. The list goes on but with reduced participation as they descend in hierarchy. I don't know why, but I see things differently. I see what I want to see and not what everyone expects me to see which has been really helpful.

People just have a way of bringing you into their domain and making you see things from their own angle and perspective, seeing the same thing from your angle wouldn't be that bad or would it?. Take for instance, I step into a new environment for the first time. It's serene, the air is pure, flowers blossom,the ambiance is just perfect, the buildings around are very eye-catching and I am supposed to suck it all up and savour the moment,yes, eventually I would but, there's always a but. I look behind the scenes, find intriguing facts, the hidden agendas if any before I finally savour the moment. This doesn't just happen with new environments. It could be a movie, a gathering or something of that sort. In all I do, I always find time for myself. I call it 'lone time'. Many activities could be carried out during the 'lone time'. It's just basically a time to make yourself happy because no one owes you happiness. You owe it to yourself. This is when the hobbies come to play. Hobbies should be something you love doing and not something you're forced to do.


Most people spend their time trying to please others and they forget about themselves. It's all about freedom, happiness and peaceful living. A friend of mine spends a better part of her days trying to make an impression on other people when in the real sense, the people she's trying to please actually don't care. They just see it as another day with the same routine from the same person. Deep down, she knows this, but she still pushes. Why push something that you already know is futile?

I didn't discover this platform on my own. It's just my inquisitive nature that led me here. My phone's battery ran down, there was no source of electricity around and I just had to power my phone. I searched and finally saw a place where I could power my phone. I did so with immediate effect and as I sat waiting for the phone I met @malopie. He was just so into his device and so I had to inquire. At first, I just asked questions and whatever response he gave actually fell on deaf ears. I just sat there nodding like I was so into the talk but I was more concerned about my phone at that point. I got a few words from him, but I didn't see them as important and then we somehow got in contact again and this time my full attention was given. I listened to everything he had to say, asked questions. I also nodded in the process but my full attention was given this time around. His dexterity at explaining certain things was divine, if he were a teacher, I guess his students wouldn't lack knowledge. I guess my inquisitive nature paid off eventually. I am new on this platform and I hope I get along perfectly. A girl in her prime where everything and nothing seem to scare. There's a lot I'd like to say but I'm not giving a lecture. I'd like to appreciate @malopie once again for the opportunity to share all I have in store with a whole lot of other people. Nature, art, all in all and more. Rudiments are a part of life. Well, here I am. As adventurous as ever. Yepi!. I hope it's a fun ride.

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