My activities today..

Various new spirits immediately appeared when I saw the morning sun shining brightly again this morning. Every activity that I will do is already waiting in front of my eyes. After cleaning the body and wearing relaxed clothes, the first activity this morning has now begun, which is to fulfill the nutrients that the body needs with breakfast.

Before proceeding to the next important activity, I took a break in the room while visiting the steemit page on my smartphone. The clock showed 08:40 am, then I started getting ready to go to campus.

As soon as I arrived in the room, the first hour of class had already started with the material on Professional Ethics in Sharia Business Law . An hour and a half passed, finally the lecture was over and I decided to go straight back to the dormitory which was not too far from campus.

After about an hour of rest, the Azan Zuhur has now resounded melodiously in the Dormitory Mosque. Getting out of bed, I immediately cleaned my body and performed ablution, then returned to my room, dressed in neat clothes and immediately headed to the mosque to perform the Zuhur prayer in congregation with my father Waled.

After reciting dhikr together at the mosque, Father Waled continued to give us some very useful advices this afternoon. And after Waled's father finished giving a short lecture, we were now allowed to return to our respective rooms.


While chatting with friends in the room, I continued to walk to the kitchen to take lunch, then returned to my room and enjoyed it with friends. At 14:20 pm, I again put on my neat clothes and took my book, then immediately went to the mosque to take part in the routine recitation in the afternoon.

Entering my activity tonight, after performing the Maghrib Prayer we received a message in the Whatsapp group that tonight we are in the dormitory soon going to pay pilgrimage to our teacher's house which is located at Simpang Mamplam. After getting ready, we immediately went to the takziah place by car with our other group of teachers.



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