What it represents to me hive -Designing Banners

Hello friends
We have new house
It has to be decorated and today I felt like it.
This has always seemed like a universe to me and sometimes I think it's true.
But now our home is in a new galaxy.
Full of places to discover, person and things.
It is like a new beginning, to be better, to grow as people and to unite ties and forces, so that this time everything turns out better.
So I have sat in front of the computer, I have opened photoshop and I have thought about what it represents for my Hive.
The first thing as I was saying is an empty and black space.
Little by little, the galaxy is created and lyrics, songs, stories, poetry or anything else you want appear.
We are that moon that appears timidly in a corner.
Every time we get more confidence and we get closer to the center, while some stripes and a red triangle floats in space without gravity spinning around without sense.
But there comes a time when everything fits together and fits together.
Creating hopes and dreams.
Layer after layer, erasing and starting again, removing and putting, forward and backward and this has been the result.

I hope your comments and feel free if you like to use it.
We have to decorate our house and create a beautiful world here at Hive

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