Shiba Inu up up and away

Honestly SHIB coins receives a lot of unwanted hate.


Everytime the shiba inu coin jumps up or removes a zero after the decimal there is a speculation in social media that the hike is just for a short time and that the coin is not to be termed seriously.

But what we need to understand is that the new World especially this crypto loving World is not about sense or logic, rather it is more of love or passion about a certain belief. I would say this is not something new , this has existed in the past, it is in our blood.

So Meme coin or not SHIB is here to stay,

Last week Elon Musk tweeted a message that he does not hold any SHIB coin and only believes in Dogecoin, there was brief moment of confusion because just a few days before that he tweeted this


Shows what could be a shiba inu dog holding a rocket suggesting that the coin is going to rise in value fast. The Internet world was in splits to conclude whether it was SHIB coin or DOGE coin that Musk was talking about.

But Musk was quick to shut down any rumours about him holding SHIB coins, which he made transparent to the World by replying to this SHIB coin enthusiasts tweet.


However not to worry Shiba inu coin hodlers, the Shib army is strong and even though we dipped when the twitter World shook, we got back on our feet and touched an all time high. Lets keep it going. We will be competing with Doge coin soon.

Currently 784,000 wallets around the World hold the SHIB coin and soon in a few months this is expected to hit 1 million. All in all things are looking quite good.

SHIB army hang in there !


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    Image : Photo by Zen Chung from Pexels
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