My two NFT art picks on Hive today

My first chosen work today is a work by @vitalina.

This is clearly a thematic work as its name indicates "all-seeing". It is a very interesting work where the look is everything both for the one who sees and for the one who is observed.

I am sure that we will see more works of this artist, because she has an incredible talent.

It's available at @nftshowroom for a really affordable price of 15 SWAP.HIVE

The second work that I have chosen for today is by @jhalik, an artist with an interesting gallery that you should visit.

Continuing with the eyes theme, that is much higher, we are presented with a vector type work with the title "Vibration of color". It is an authentic spiral of very harmonic colors accompanied by eyes that observe us.

The work is listed at a price of 50 SWAP.HIVE with limited reproduction rights. Thing that allows us to use the design for commercial purposes. It would look amazing on a t-shirt or sneakers.

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