Hive Business Card Design Contest

After browsing through so many post about the hive business card, I have finally decided to put my own pieces of design. Because I mean, it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try with this great and exciting contest. I don’t usually do much designs by myself though, just because I’m not great with colors and picking the perfect design.

Front Page

Back Page

So with this design I made, it was actually from a template design I took from canva and it gave me an idea of how I wanted mine too look like. Now, let’s get right on how I came up with the whole design on Canva.

With the from page, I opened a new blank document and all I had to do was being in my images I downloaded from the template, thus the background picture.

Adding the Background

Next, I had to insert the hive logo which I got sometime ago from google. I didn’t know how I was going to position it at first, but I guess when I finally did, it worked out great.

Hive Logo Inserted

Then I decided to add some text just beneath the hive logo, just to explain the whole concept of the platform. I went with the phrase “Blog & Earn with Hive”. Very simple but yet, it describes what hive is about…. I think.

Adding Text

After the logo, I then had to put in the QR code as required from the guidelines. It was pretty much simple with that, since you can get one straight from Canva itself. With my QR code, when you scan it brings you directly to my profile on hive.

Overall look after QR code added

I guess that was it for the front page. Now I had to go on and do some little touch at the back also. Created a new blank page, added the background color again.

Then I decided to bring the half Hive logo photo, but this time, making it more transparent and on both sides of the page.

Next, I decided to add two text boxes at the back side, one on the top saying “Welcome to NeoxianCity” and at the bottom containing the NeoxianCity page.

After doing that, all I had to do now was to add the QR code that will then lead you to the NeoxianCity page when scanned.

That’s how I came up with the overall design of my card, I hope you guys find it attractive and simple enough. Even though this isn’t actually something I do, I guess it turned out great. Thank you guys for this opportunity, it was a pleasure participating in this challenge.

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