My Introduction Post. Me, Myself and My Everlasting Wahala!

Hello everyone,I greet you all. My name is Native boy. I tell interesting and boring stories about literally everything. I live in Tamale, Ghana 🇬🇭. I am 25. This is my Hive introduction post.

My real name is Abdul Fataw Freeman, my government name is Abdul Fataw Abdul Wahab, I am widely and informally identified as Native Boy and hence my username “this is Native Boy”.

I’m an ex basic school teacher, a part time forex trader and a full time road boy.
I am 5.6ft, dark/chocolate skinned, I have brown eyes and I’m dope. (I fine die, no lie!)

I have three siblings, two I am older then and one older than me. I would like to think of myself as someone who’s open minded, diverse, unique, maybe stupid and probably a rebel. I’m also an upcoming TOP GEE!

no be by filter, I just fine anyhow

see as I fine. Chai!

I read Agriculture Technology in the University For Development Studies. I specialized in the field of agronomy.
I believe education is very important and necessary in building a quality life with true impact. But I have a big problem with the current forms and modules of formal education in my country 🇬🇭. The current systems of formal education places much significance on the theory aspects prior to the practical training aspects.
This system of education has successfully over the years produced graduates who are only ‘book smart’ but practically incapable. They cram the slides, pass the exams and forget everything afterwards. That was what I did and I am pretty sure it’s the same with every graduate in this country.

During my first job interview after graduation, I was asked a very basic but important question that brought me to reality. The interview asked me a simple question “what can you do?” The question sounded very simple and basic yet I couldn’t think of a honest answer immediately. I was very aware that there are several things related to agriculture that I knew or was familiar with, but what could I do with my hands, I couldn’t think of any. This particular incident made me question again the modules of our formal education systems and the role it plays in a Person’s life expectations and career development.

see as I fine, chai! Bring a bucket and fetch some beauty.

@depressedfuckup introduced Hive to me. I’ll refer to his as Hamza (effective right after this full stop). Hamza is his real name, his hive username was just as a result of some series of shege that he saw in the wicked hands of poverty and depression.

Hamza is a very chill guy with lots of wits. When he mentioned hive to me, I was wondering what I was doing with my internet all this while. Hamza is a tech geek so I wasn’t really surprised that he knew about such an amazing platform. I’m grateful to him for referring me here. I plan on having a good time with all you amazing fellas on this blockchain. I’m a very big fan of arts and all forms of creativity. The idea of bringing something into existence fascinates me a lot. I’m very interested in reading beautiful blogs especially about African people and our dynamic way of life. I also plan on writing beautiful stories about my daily encounters, which is usually made of intense drama with a sprinkle of madness ear and der.


National service

Right after graduation, I was enrolled in the National Service Scheme (NSS)- a compulsory one-year service required of all citizens of Ghana who are 18 years and above, at the time of deploymesource.

As a student of agriculture, I was deployed to the ministry of Food and Agriculture in the Tolon municipal assembly. I had a very impactful experience at my first job. My bosses there were wonderful, the people of Tolon were amazing, very inter-dependable and fantastic to work with.

Apart from some few challenges with distance and some hinges with transport, I think it’s fair to say I had a wonderful National Service experience. The job was a worthy endeavor, the allowance was punctual even though insufficient and I was was a happy National Service Personnel.

My first day at NSS. See as nose mask wan suffocate my life

A voluntary teaching job

Right after the national service, I was enrolled into the National Youth Volunteer Program, an initiative of the National Youth Authority (NYA).

I got an appointment from the National Youth Authority to work in a private school as a classroom teacher, for free.
By the time of my appointment, I didn’t have any background in teaching, I wasn’t familiar with any teaching technique and I had never even taught anyone anything serious.

This was an unfamiliar task. Usually I prefer to think of myself as someone who knows how to find out things. I don’t usually know things, but I know how to figure out things. If you ask me, I would say I’m stupid or at least would like to think so. I’m somehow fascinated with the idea of being stupid. I think being stupid is not a bad thing, staying stupid is. The more I realize how stupid I’m, the more I find out things and the more I find out things, the more I realize how stupid I was.

I love finding out things,but how to be a good teacher in a basic school was honestly not one of those things. This task was way out of my field of discipline. Whilst I was having all these troubling thoughts, something else crossed my mind. I was only appointed to teach Mathematics and Science in a basic school because I was going to work for free. No serious human being would hire an agriculture student with zero teaching experience and zero teaching technique to teach in a classroom. This was more of an opportunity to train and develop my confidence. I was going to do a lot more of learning than teaching. I was not going to work as an assistant classroom teacher, I was going to learn English proficiency, public speaking, confidence building, effective work ethics and many more other things that I don’t yet know of.

My first week in the school was the most challenging and difficult periods. I had challenges with class control, time commitment and management, even the food at the school was tasteless. Fortunately, it didn’t take long before I got used to everything. I became better at class control, I learned how to be discipline with time, the environment was okay and suddenly I was a happy teacher.

Even though I was working without any form of salary, I was happy with my job. The times I spent with the children inside and outside the classroom was priceless.
My time in the lasted for only 60 days(that was the agreed contract with NYA). Within that shot while, I learned a lot about work ethics and cooperation. It was a great period of capacity building and character development and reforming for me.

Forex Trading

My forex trading experience was brief and interesting. After NSS, my life was kinda boring, I needed a valuable skill that’ll earn me some decent income. After seeing multiple ads on twitter about forex trading, I decided to give it a try. Benz would definitely look good on me too. Mechanic life can never be my own, amen🙏.

I joined Tola fx ( currently Stag Academy). Most of our lessons were on WhatsApp. Studying forex trading online was not what I imagined. It was difficult. I wanted to give up but I kept reminding myself that bastard money can not come with comfort, I better get ready to a package of premium stress everyday, back to back.

Three months later, I was exited to finally graduate. I opened a live account and started trading immediately. My risk management techniques was very poor, almost nonexistent. As expected (not by me definitely) My first account lasted for only five days. I deposited $20 on Monday and was left with only $1.4 on Friday, same week ( please don’t laugh). It took only two strong reversals to blow my loaded account back to insufficient funds. My Benz money have gone! OMG😭

screenshot from my gmail

image shared to me on WhatsApp by Tola Fx picture shared to me on WhatsApp by Tola Fx.

I have not given up on Forex trading. I still believe I can earn from forex trading. I’ll adopt every means of information on forex trading that I can find. I’ll watch more YouTube videos, take risk management very serious and find a better brooker.

So to anyone who was involved in the vanishing Of
my $20 (directly or indirectly), fear my return!!!!

meanwhile this brooker is still flooding my inbox. Screenshot from my gmail. Screenshot from my gmail

If you’ve made it to this place, you are the real OG! I hope you enjoyed this, if you don’t, I apologize and best believe me, my next post will makeup for this one👍🏿

But for me,my My hand is already paining me. ayam tayad!!

I’m looking forward to meeting as many people as there are on this platform. I plan to thread here for a long while. I’m open to constructive criticism and even unconstructive criticism.

This platform is not so easy to thread on, I would appreciate some guidance and advice from yourselves.

Please kindly leave a review about my post from your own perspective.

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