Thank you Hive, thank you so much.

Yesterday I had to go to the hospital to accompany my aunt from 7 am to 12 noon. While I was there I couldn't communicate since the signal didn't reach me while I was inside the hospital, so I went out every half hour to try to keep in touch.


@adamada left me a quite useful and accurate comment about what is going to happen in these days. My uncle currently can't move his arm well, he can only raise it up to a certain part of his body, but his hand is completely useless and he can't use it at all.

Amazingly they were able to discharge him from the hospital yesterday as he did not require as much medical care. They gave us a series of instructions that we should take into account to have him home and happily he came with us.




I was in the hospital but most of the time I had to stay out of the room where he was as there could only be one family member per patient (and my aunt was the one with him most of the time). While I was with him I took the opportunity to talk to him and tell him how I have been taking responsibility for things around the house (including having to fetch the gas bottles, lol). He can talk with no problems and his whole face looks really good compared to his first day. Everything is much better and he seems to be progressing quite well.

Today he went to see a specialist and was recommended for an appointment in 20 days. I don't understand why so long and I don't know what to think about it. Also the specialist commented that he needs a physiotherapist for all the exercises he will have to do.


Yesterday we also bought a digital blood pressure monitor since we have to take his blood pressure every day to make sure he has no problems with it. His current blood pressure is 16-8, which is much lower than before when it was 19-8. I also took the opportunity to take my blood pressure as I was previously diagnosed as hypertensive and my result was 15-12, which is too high.

I took a bath and relaxed to try to take it later and the result was 14-8. This is the common result for people suffering from hypertension, although a bit disappointing that I am only 18 years old and suffering from this :P

Anyway, I know I have received a lot of support and I am eternally grateful to the entire Hive community for this. I never thought I would receive so much support and I can't say enough about how rewarding all the support we have received from here has been for me and my family. There are still a lot of tests to be done and we have to buy him medication for life.



Above you can see the medications he was prescribed. I know there is another paper that also better explains all the treatments and all the medications, but I don't have it handy right now.

I just wanted to make this update. Special thanks to

A big thank you to everyone who commented and upvoted my previous post and to everyone who showed concern. Sorry for not responding to all the comments, but I've been focused on continuing to do my job as a curator and also doing some content to continue to have some sustenance for the week ahead.

I am also infinitely grateful to @derangedvisions who was the person who was advising and helping me from the beginning. As I said before, he has been helping me since I came back to Hive and he was also the one who made all this possible.

I can record videos or more evidence about my uncle's current situation. I know I have received lots and lots of support, so I have no problem showing proof at least to large investors so that they trust me and everything that is being done. I have mentioned before that I would not like to post anything relevant to my uncle or my personal life on Hive, but if required I can show the progression in private or at least when he is working out.

Thank you so much Hive for making this possible. You have no idea how much support and relief you have been able to give my family so far. I thank you so much for everything you have done for me and my family.

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