The Orion's Peak Gaming community is live and so is the OPG token!

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Spawning Orion's Peak Gaming

I mentioned there would be a project coming out that was being worked on, it is a fitting one especially for the growing Hive gaming community and I have had help from @mickvir to come up with ideas, how OPG token rewards will be given out and much more. All future posts will be from the @orionspeakgaming account and is why beneficiaries are set to it, for this post.

Orion's Peak Gaming was spawned after seeing a lot of the gaming communities on Hive die off or not get worked on any longer, besides 1 or 2. As a massive gamer my whole life and still will be for the rest of my life I found it a great time to work on my own gaming community due to gaming being a passion of mine. The content in OPG can come from any source whether it be normal off blockchain gaming on the PC, console or handheld console, Hive gaming or NFTs related to gaming. This is because I want a lot of people from all different backgrounds and from the many types out there, including new gamers, to be a part of an amazing community to share with one another.

Rewards and how to earn

These are just what we are offering from the get go. This is to help support those that support the community and while focus is on building the community at the start, since it is only the beginning.

Ways to earn
The first way to earn OPG tokens would be to buy and hold so you can take advantage of our top 10 holders, earning 3% of their total held tokens each week. It will be every Sunday starting from this coming Sunday the 24th at 8pm ACDT which is Adelaide South Australia time if you need to check what time that will be for you. This allows 4 days to start building up your OPG bag!
Next, you can earn by adding the tag #opg to your posts so the @orionspeakgaming can find your quality content in order to both send tokens and curate. The better the content and effort put into your posts, the better the amount that is sent, which at the moment will look to be max 1 - 3 tokens until we have seen how everything goes and values can be adjusted if necessary.
Another way is to delegate Hive Power to @orionspeakgaming so you can have even more tokens coming in to your hands! It will start at 5 OPG daily and depending how much Hive Power gets delegated and the more people joining, it could start rising quickly to provide more chance to earn extra. It also helps us to curate content easier and provide those quality posts with bigger votes to share around. You can always let us know in Discord if you want to delegate right away and you will get tokens to cover those days as well.

I already took that last step over a week before this post by delegating 2,000 HP, this will be one way both @mickvir and I can earn tokens since we will not be randomly sending ourselves any above the amount mentioned below, but no tokens have been sent for that delegation yet, because sending out tokens for delegations only starts from this post onwards. We also will plan on using the #opg tag in posts as a way to earn the OPG token just like everyone else, for our posts that are of good quality, to show we are putting in the work to also earn the extra tokens and be a bigger part of the community.

Tokenomics, where sales will go and post rewards

There will initially be 20,000 OPG tokens available to buy at 0.5 Hive each due to offering a variety of ways to earn rewards, with the possibility of another 10,000 tokens coming out at some point if we eventually sell out and the demand is there, otherwise it can be held in the @orionspeakgaming account with the initial 60,000 tokens which will be used for a variety of rewards like top 10, curating content and more. 5,000 tokens were given to myself and 5,000 to @mickvir, so you know the amount we have from the get go but we are excluded from the top 10 weekly rewards for holding tokens. Having the 60,000 tokens for rewards should cover having plenty for a longer amount of time without a need to issue anymore tokens but it all depends on the growth in the future and to keep with being a token that rewards gamers/blockchain gamers etc in numerous ways.

Out of all the sales, 50% will go towards BEE for a while in order to unlock the next steps including staking and Scotbot to get automation going and work on a frontend being available for voting posts. Next will be 30% for powering up Hive so the account will grow that vote value! Finally with the last 20%, will be split 10% for buybacks and 10% towards other income generating tokens to increase the account which will help better reward the community later in it's growth.

Grab your tokens today!

You can already find the OPG token on Tribaldex at Orion's Peak Gaming - OPG on Tribaldex, or on Hive Engine at Orion's Peak Gaming - OPG on Hive Engine and of course it is on Leodex at Orion's Peak Gaming - OPG on Leodex, depending which is your preferred place to buy and sell tokens.


Discord server

Head on over to our Discord Server to come chat, help the community grow and become even more awesome, because ALL of you members are what will make Orion's Peak Gaming and be the ones to help it reach great heights. We can only do so much as a few, but can do so much more as a whole.
Orion's Peak Gaming Discord server

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