That ground state of understanding.


I know we dream about falling in love , and we make some wrong decisions which isn't worth it! Well in the beginning we don't realize how toxic a person can be. We just rush to our best Friends to tell about the experience about our first kiss , cuddles and warmth that we got from our partner , A bee can give you sweet and delicious honey , in the same way it will sting you so badly you can't even imagine , but you can't keep in the same bee inside your own house . In the Same way Moment you realize that it's over then it is the end.

There's no going back I guess , well it's super super hard to get over some good moments. It will hit us so hard when we play the same old song which we sang with our partner. You never know the timeline what can happen at what moment , because of one mess our heart becomes stone cold . Even if someone deserving comes , may be a person whom you talk to everyday , checks on you , or who has always been there in your hard times does make you happy . But what is it when we can't fall In love , our heart stopped experiencing that one feeling.

All our hearts were warm and welcoming before everything happened , remember the days when we smiled , when we didn't have trust issues at all , we used to spread the same amount of love to everybody around us but now? What happened? we tend unlove the same isn't it? We can't tell to that person who's right next to you on call or seen your heartbreaks and breakdowns , managed your mood swings that and "get close" to them or tell them that "we love them" just because we lost hopes? Scared to be with someone because we'll ruin things ahead , run kilometers away from relationship and love.

There are so many things which can't be defined , slowly we tend to cut them off , we see the behavioral changes in us , socially out spoken , fun loving self is just vanished with one incident. And somewhere we still continue to smile and be happy . Helping someone else to fall in love and giving advices to not to make mistakes. Well we come to the ground state and understanding within us and we start accepting this reality and become a little more matured and strong dealing all this.

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