Marks of stereotypes


पाबंदी के निशान
(Marks of stereotypes / taboos)

How does a woman become pregnant
"shuusssh" it's not your age to ask such things ?
"Mumma"that uncle touched me in a bad way
Arey! you should have worn a proper dress, Why didn't you ?
Now on you should behave like an adult
You are matured
Remember to protect your sanity.

Don't touch pickle
Don't go inside the temple
"Buy sanitary pads wrapped inside the black plastic or newspaper"
Don't ever talk about sex to any person it's a bad thing
Did you have sex before marriage ? You are a slut!
Oh! Why do you even play with the barbie doll you are boy right?
You should always buy cars and trucks not these dolls
Bro you can't "cry"
Dude her bra strap can be seen what a shameless person she's is?
I got some work, please don't enter my room right now!
Oh no what is this,
Just because you are grown up you can't lock your door and work,
I'm sure you are doing something illegal!"
I want to become an actor / actress/ artist! / designer
Listen child it's not the job, you don't earn anything !
See how your cousins topped in exams and working in companies now,
You should be like them
How dark complexioned your daughter or son is
You should take him/ her to doctor, or buy these x amount of lotions.
How easy it is to tell all this!
And we are still living in between those lies
Why do we consider these things as sin,
When its just a normal body change,
If you step out from your comfort zone and do something then your considered
as uncultured?
Can we let go of this marks of stereotypes
On white clam space of our life and normalize these,
Is it possible?



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