Happy birthday Hive! And thank you!


Hive turns 1. How time flies!

I've been around for only 3 months but I already feel like I've been here since the beginning. In the short time that I've spent here on Hive I already got to know a lot of incredible people, I learned a LOT about crypto, blockchain and many other topics that I came across during my journeys through the many unique communities and tribes we have on this blockchain.

Many of the things I learned made me start looking at my life in a completely different way. In these 3 months I already completely redefined some of my most important life goals and reviewed some of my core values. That's no a small thing, as I hold my values, my life goals and plan as sacred aspects of my being.

When I look to the future that I'm trying to build from now on, it looks a lot like the future I always dreamed of, but it doesn't look anything like the future I usually accepted as "possible". I settled for many things only because I didn't see a way they could be any different. Thanks to Hive, that's no longer the case. Many of those things I could only dream of before, I feel like I can accomplish and for that, I can only thank Hive and all of the people that help to build it day after day.

In 3 months I already witnessed a lot of progress, new projects coming to life and even more being conceived and planned. I can only imagine how Hive is going to be in next year, and the one after that, and the one after that.

Thank you Hive, happy birthday and here's to many more years!

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