Hello all, I'm really happy and excited to be a part of this social media platform.
My name is Maria Leji and am 22 years old.

My Family
I come from a middle class family which comprises of my parents, grandparents and my brother. My dad is a businessman and my mom, a staff nurse. They taught me how to be an independent human being. My brother is 15 years old and is in 10th grade.

me and my brother

I am a Btech grad, specialised in civil engineering. I am currently working as a civil engineer in Creative Homes, which is one of the leading construction companies in my hometown. Being a civil engineer helps me to interact with common people and help them in materialising their dreams about a dream home.

my work site

Myself and my Hobbies
I am an independent human being who loves to try new things daily. I am a pet person and has a lots of animals at home as my pets.


A few of my pets

I find it compelling to go and try different varieties of cuisines with my friends and enjoy the delicacies from around the world.



my favourites

I read a lot and my favourite genre is fiction. The factor that fascinates me the most about fiction is that there is no limit for imagination. It helps us to improve our creative side too.

my book collection

I appreciate your time and consideration to read this post.
I assure my complete dedication towards rectifying the mistakes that I have made in this post and come up with something more interesting during the following days. I would love to hear from you all .