All about myself (Introduce Yourself)

Hello Hivers. My name is Tor Terdoo from Vandeikya LGA of Benue State, born and brought up in the family of Mr and Mrs Tor Penda. I am the first born of my family, a family of two boys and a girl born on the 26th of November 2000. I started my nursery and primary school in 2004/2005 session in Senior Innocent nursery and primary school but after four years I later transferred to Saint Dominic's nursery and primary school where I did the remaining years and graduated on the 17th of July 2013, that same year I got admission into secondary school which was Mount Saint Michael's secondary school Aliade and after six years I was able to graduate on the 11th of July 2019 with my West African Examination Council (WAEC) all passed with distinctions.

As a human being there are things I like and love doing, at the same time there are things I dislike but first I will be going with things I like, I like making friends with new people most especially girls, playing football is my hobby, I like working hard for my money on the other hand, there are things I dislike so much, I hate been cheated on, I hate people telling me lies, I hate disappointment and I also hate involving myself into things that would end up bringing shame upon myself, my family and people around me.

As a kid, I used to have this mindset of being a medical practitioner one day at some point in life but everything later changed when I was not able to meet up with the required cut off marks in Joint Association Of Matriculation Board (JAMB) and things even went worse when I could not get admission that same year so I could further my education, I was confused and at the same time unhappy because I never wanted a situation where by my fellow mates would be ahead of me but I was later consoled by some quotes, "Everything happens for a reason" and another which says "There's time for everything".

Three years on, I later got admission into the Cross River University Of Technology (CRUTECH) to study a four years course which is Human Physiology though I have not started schooling yet but hopefully I will be starting soon. While in secondary school, I use to have this skill of barbing with razor and a shaving comb, so immediately after secondary school as I was not able to further my education at that moment I had to learn a skill and nothing else came to my mind but barbing, already it was like an advantage for me because I had a little experience about it so I did not waste much time to perfect it using rechargeable and electric clippers, so at the moment barbing is been my source of income and it's been sustaining me quite good and well too.

I was raised as a child in a Christian way so I was thought how to live a Christ-like life, how to always be at peace with people and always keep it real and cool regardless, I was thought never to cheat others, never to have low self-esteem, never to be too proud, never to envy or jealous others and above all to be prayerful and that has been sustaining me up to this very moment.

As a Christian, I had to do baptism in other to be a full member of the church so I enrolled into catechism classes for many years and I was later baptized on the 16th of September 2018. Been a church boy, I always have this zeal to one day serve in the house of the Lord God Almighty though I have not given it a second thought but I will wait on the Lord if he calls me definitely I will answer his call. At the end of everything, I might end up been a preacher of the gospel of God in future.

it will be of good impart to contribute some of my skills in Barbing, Farming, and story telling experience to the growth and development of #Hive through writing.t

Before I close, I will like to thank @adiephraim for his assistance on the account creation and other tutorials about the platform.

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