Into the Distance

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Into the Distance

You have a look of dream in your eye
the flicker of pupil looking to learn,
trying to pierce the fog at the peaks
and the glare from sun -on the waves.

That stare across space that crosses all time
and that loss of all else than the focal point,
concentrated attention on nothing else-
the future ahead, with nothing behind.

Questions abound about what will arrive
will there be a place and the support to grow,
or will the space be barren and devoid of life
consumed to the last, by the last to survive.

Given the task to return to splendor
Yet, given no chance to return to sender
and no choice but to try, as to not is to fall
and be victim under hood like so many more.

No one is watching, while you watch them all
too busy looking down at a false world,
eyes turned inside to narrow the view
as over their shoulder your vision is held.

There is more out there, though what, is unknown
and the feet beneath knee will follow the winds,
places past present and past the beyond
to see on to where those dreams will lead.

The distance covered and many lives entwined
become an enriched life of their own,
a winding road and a widening river crossed
A culture lost and a person found.