Dogs in Mexico - Big doggo compilation


In Mexico, the whole situation related to animals is extremely complicated and delicate. When it comes to dogs, there are tons of stray doggos living in the streets and depending on their ability to steal food, find water, avoid getting hit by cars, finding a warm place to sleep, stay away from people who poison and or kill dogs for fun, and keeping out of trouble all the time.

Most stray dogs in Mexico are malnourished, live scared, are constantly hurt and in pain.


Nowadays, there's a child's play or some sort of kids challenge that sometimes even adults engage with, where they throw stuff - mostly rocks - to dogs to see who gets them the most hurt, and the winner gets to be the "best".


I think that is the main problem. For many generations, at least in Mexico, we haven't had good animal control and regarding my people, we haven't had a good enough education and value sharing to our kids. We don't inculcate respect and love towards animals and we objectivize them, taking away any inherent life value from them.


Over the last 5-6 years that I have lived in a small town in the state of Puebla in Mexico, I have rescued several dogs from the streets and I have found them a home with my friends or acquaintances, and some times I have kept them when I can't find them a spot to be happy and live tranquil.


I once rescued the black dog in the picture above. I was coming back from the movies and I saw something moving inside a black trash bag in a corner full of garbage - people in Mexico just drop their bags of trash in the corners, some times letting it accumulate in the tens of bags, making it a disease point for animals and people - and I told my friend to stop the car, I got out of the car to find out what was there and I saw the puppy.

He was around one month old and still had issues opening his eyes. It was pretty hard to find him a home because he wasn't a pure breed dog. In the end I had to leave him in a friend's veterinary clinic where they could take care of him at all times until they found him a proper home.



I wanted to make a stray dog compilation to show you how many dogs I find in my small town, this is the first one but I plan on posting a lot of posts related to this topic, I hope you like it!

Also scroll til the end to find the funniest picture of them all!













La situación en México en relación a los animales es muy complicada. Hay muchos perros que viven en la calle, desnutridos, lastimados y siendo maltratados por las personas.

Hoy en día, el juego de muchos niños y a veces adultos, es lanzarles piedras o cosas que encuentran en el piso, sin importarles que los puedan lastimar.

Finalmente este es el problema, el que por generaciones y generaciones, no les inculquen a los niños el respeto hacia los animales y como consecuencia, solo los vean como objetos.

Los 5 o 6 años que he vivido en un pueblo de puebla, he rescatado algunos perros, uno de ellos es uno negro que sale acostado en las piernas de un amigo.

Regresando del cine vi que algo se movía adentro de una bolsa de basura y le dije que se parara, al bajarme para ver qué había, me encontré con el. Tenía como 1 mes de nacido y aún le costaba abrir un poco los ojos. Me costo mucho trabajo darlo en adopción, porque no es de raza.

Al final lo dejé en la veterinaria de una amiga donde la podían cuidar el tiempo que fuera necesario hasta que encontrara una familia.



That dog is cute, but do you see the turd right next to him? XD