Aging Against Civilization

Growing up, I was made to believe that there was so much wisdom embedded in old age. I could observe that people with white hair which symbolized the length of days or should I say years that has been spent on earth, were idolized and mostly consulted before things were done in most families or communities as the case may be. I was once told by an elder that words of old men and women should be treated like gold for they are hard to come by.

Looking at society right now, I can't help but think this is true. Not only are the words of these old people hard to come by, they are hard to find. I say this because where I am currently, there are barely very old people who you can visibly see the white hairs and shrunken skin and flappy breasts or bent spine. All this makes me wonder what has happened to those times where people grew so old that they became so small.

Christians would say that it is God's word coming to pass because it was written that a time would come when the oldest person amongst a clan or society would not be beyond or above 75 or thereabout. Science has said that the level of civilization in the world has taken its toll on ageing too as what we eat are too refined hence we have shorter life span than the days of old.
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Now that I'm writing this article I really don't know what it is aimed at so I'll use it to connect multiple dots so sit back and enjoy. It's funny how in this dispensation we find ourselves, the old want to do things that even some youngsters do not do like makeup and wearing skinny jeans and more. Each time I see old people acting this way, I'm always shocked because I try to think of what kind of advise such an elder would give to an upcoming adult.

I don't think I've ever been so pissed at an elderly person before like the way I was angry with the old man I saw who tinted his hair gold and was feeling himself. Thanks for to him, my mood was spoilt all through the day. It's no pity that the society is going backwards by the day cos we have no one to teach the good values that ought to be learnt. Makes me wonder how the future will be that's if there's even one, after christians say we are at the end times.

Maybe just maybe if our old people or should I say semi old people would hold on to what they used r know and not let to this generation brainwash them, probably there will be hope. I hate to be pessimistic but if you look at it properly you'd only find out that I'm being realistic when I say that the change we seek might not come cos if we continue to seek it then too many will go down for it and that's not something we can bear.

Closing Thoughts
As much as I like civilization and all the perks that comes with it, i miss the old days a little. There will always be enough of this whole new hullabaloo to go round but as it is the old things that came with the old people who are now so few seems to be going forever and there's nothing anyone is willing to do.

Hopefully in my next life, that's if there is one, I'll meet a better world with people ready to uphold what they should.

Thanks for reading my loud thoughts. Until the next article, stand for what you should!

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