Meet Ijay. ( My intro post)

Hello Hive, New Member here. My name is Ijeoma Sylvia, but I mostly go by the shortened version of my name 'ijay', I'm in my 20's , a capricorn from the southern part of Nigeria. I'm the middle child in a family of 3 children. I was born, bred and had most of my early education in Abuja, Nigeria. I am a fresh Medical Doctor, currently undergoing my mandatory housemanship program.


My interests include, History, Psychology, Music, Volunteering, and Traveling. In my spare time, I love to watch tv shows, documentaries, listen to music, dance , a little reading here and there and sleeping ( yes, Sleep lol). See, I'm not a big fan of an outdoors 😭, I'm what people will call an Ambivert ( if that's even a real word) - 80% introvert and 20% extrovert. As far as fashion and style goes, I'm not much a risk taker, I'd very much rather put on something chic, simple and comfortable. Uhmmm what else, yeah okay I really hope to retire early so I can travel the world,see new cultures and try out different cuisine(I mean there's a whole world out there to explore).


Yeah, so I'm not much of a writer and this is my first "serious" attempt at blogging ( have there been other unserious attempts at blogging?, I don't know 🙈😅). I'm looking forward to sharing my articles on here and also having an enlightening and profitable journey on this platform.
PS: this is my twitter handle @sylee_jhay

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