I visited a ZOO and it did not feel good.

I can't remember when I last put up a blog post. A lot has really happened to me in the past few weeks. Good, bad, ugly, all of it, nonetheless I'm still alive and breathing. A few weeks ago, we went on an outing a week ago to the zoo. The staff of the organization I currently work with decided to reward it's workers for all their effort. We had planned an outing for the movies and then the zoo but with the time restrictions we could only visit the zoo. It was one at the University of Ibadan, and our tour guide was the students of zoology.









We saw lots of animals, some of which I didn't take a photo of. Some I did take photos but it would be spamming if I was to share it all. One monkey, we were told, was very sexually aggressive. It had a extended privates it would stroke at whenever a female passed. It was crazy as well as hilarious. We saw the Hyena too. A majestic creature. We saw the lion and lioness also. I asked the guide how they make they mate, and they said they had to use artificial insemination, because the last time they allowed both the lion and lioness into the same cage, the lioness tore the lion apart. Shocking. We saw a lot of different species of monkeys too, and apes. Saw all types of birds. Owl, vulture, etc.



I saved the best story for last. This monkey specie was just sitting at the edge of the fence. There is the male, female, and one baby monkey. The vet had checked and realized that the monkey was pregnant and during the night, the monkey gave birth prematurely. The beautiful part was that the baby monkey was as tiny as a rat. Zoom into the photo and you would see the small creature in her hand. It was so heartwarming as well as disheartening. According to the vets, the mama monkey held on to her baby all through the night and morning protecting it. We were also told it smacked the phone of someone who was trying to take a picture. HUMANITY.


I am a lover of animals and everything nature. Seeing this beautiful creatures for the first time was so satisfying. I was delighted. Albeit this was a very fulfilling outing, I still felt sad as it seemed this creature were sad. They are supposed to be in the wild, living out thier animal instincts, not caged up for people's attraction. When we went over to the lions den he was resting and quiet. We were told to make a loud noise if we wanted to hear it roar. We did and what I heard wasn't a roar, it was more like a cry for help. The lion and the lioness kept roaring at each other. Heartbreaking. Thank you for reading my post. I do hope you enjoyed it as much as I did enjoy my outing and writing this. Cheers.
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