Introduction To Hive. I am Sophie

Greetings Hivers! As uncanny as this may seem I have come to notice that many people tend to not know what to say when asked who they are or when asked to talk about themselves. They are like "who am I really?" or " where should I start from?". As simple as this may seem it is one question that requires you to pause and think before answering. I can tell you that this is exactly how I felt when I considered writing this. So, below are the little or not so little things I had to say about myself.



My name is Sophia Ebinim a.k.a Sophie-thrills. I am a Nigerian precisely Igbo from Delta state. I was born on the 17th day of April 1998 and I'm the fourth child out of four children which makes me the last child.

I love to read, write and know more about people in society which is why studying psychology at the University was a thrill for me. Generally, I have a lot of hobbies which include what I'm doing now which is writing, I also love to sing, talk, design, dance, have fun and read novels.


I currently work do a 9 to 5 job where I work as an administrator but I am slowly transitioning into UI/UX design. My passion for design started showing a long time ago. I have always loved to create beautiful designs on paper, mostly decorative lettering. I used to always want to help everyone around me stylishly write their names on their books and other belongings. This stayed with me until I had the opportunity to learn graphic design.

Graphic design was a good step in the right direction as this was the foundation for UI/IX design. I started an internship for beginners during the COVID -19 lockdown. The lockdown was significant to people for various reasons but for me, it would always be a reminder of how I started my UI/UX design career. Since then till now there has been significant growth. My designs show that as well.


Joining hive is exciting to me, I was invited by a friend and I was beyond pleased to hear of a platform like this one. Most exciting is the fact that I can share my journey and experiences with the world and put myself out there.

I'm indeed grateful for a platform such as hive. Thank you to my friend @tykee for the invitation.

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