Giving myself a haircut

Recently I started cutting my own hair, well more specifically buzzing it off. I like getting my hair buzzcut about twice a year, and for the longest time friends helped me with this. But more recently I have been buzzing my own hair off. Way back I used to pay a barber every few months to cut my hair, I had make uncomfortable small talk with them and pay more than I think I should need to. So by doing this myself I do not have to be annoyed around people or pay them to cut my hair.

I was really worried I would completely mess up cutting my own hair, or maybe cut the tip of my ear off or something terrible.. lol but now I have cut my own hair twice and I really do not think I am gonna go back to having people help me do it. When I can just do it myself.

Starting off the video with a head full of hair, about 6 months to a year of growth. Though it starts becoming a problem when it gets too long on the sides. Or starts getting in my face. So it was time to buzz it all off.

There is no certain way to do this, just go over and over again until its all buzzed off. I used a number 2 blade, which is quite short. A zero (no blade spacer) is the shortest possible so a 2 is pretty short.

It feels like I go over the same area dozens of times, but I still find stray hairs poking through. Patience is key and it can take about 30 minutes to do it all.

Doing the buzz cut by my ear I am careful and cup my ear as I use the buzzer around that area.

Eventually it starts looking pretty good, just takes time to get all those little hairs.. And honestly I still missed some and had to go back later with some scissors.

After cutting I do some maintenance on my buzzer, oiling it before putting it away. @ryulincoln taught me how important it is to do this.

I switch buzzers, to a smaller one and trim back my mustache. Hate it when the hairs start curling into my upper lip and I keep finding hairs in my mouth so it was time to trim some of my facial hair as well. I left the rest of the beard alone, it does not bother me as much as the mustache.

Cleaning up there was alot of hair on the ground, I just rather it up and throw it in the trash. Its always weird seeing all my hair on the ground, but I understand I need to do this to be happy with my appearance.

After a shower I take a look at my results, after rinsing off the cut hairs. I always shower after cutting my hair or I get all itchy.

A side view, looks pretty good. Glad I was able to get around my ears without issue.

The back side, and honestly I can now see in the video where I missed a spot. Near the top back of my head, but later on I noticed and cut it off.

Now I wait another half a year or so and cut it all off again. I try to time it with the seasons, such as cutting my hair back when its warm. And then letting it grow in when its cold. Having a head that is cold really sucks and sometimes I just have to wear beanies.

Hope this video encourages others to try to cut their own hair, if your willing to keep it simple with a buzzcut you cannot really go wrong as long as your careful and take your time.

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