Demystifying HIVE: So.. you want a Big Vote?

Demystifying HIVE is a series of bite-sized posts targeted to new Hivians and for people outside of the HIVE blockchain.

The purpose is to try and break down the many complexities of the HIVE blockchain, its acronyms, and the current facts and falsehoods associated with it.


I say ‘current’ because within 6 months some of the things I say may well no longer be relevant. It is an evolving experiment, and little remains static.

It's little wonder that the retention rate is abysmal given the huge learning curve a new person needs to endure. Without some guidance, most give up quite soon deeming it bewildering and over-complicated.


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Another 30 minutes of curation just went by and I found ONE post worthy of a @curie.

Today yielded meagre pickings; foreign language posts, crypto articles, your typical newbie article: ’the 10 best ways to break your legs while jumping out of a plane without a parachute', and then there are the old statistic posts that send me to sleep.

During the third world war, 3 billion people were killed, 2 billion dogs were gassed in chambers blah blah blah.

We all know what happened in WW3, or was it WW2? I hope you get the picture. This kind of boring bullshit can be found anywhere on the internet, so we don't need more of it here.

Before you have a go at me for ignoring posts in other languages, shut the fuck up and listen!

I speak English, I read English. I don’t understand other languages, so if I don’t give you a vote for your Spanish, Swahili, Tagalog, Klingon, Ferrengi, Mandarin, or German post that's why.

--= No comprehendi =--

So feel free to post in those languages but trust me, if you want the attention use English. That’s my big tip for today.


...'congratulations to @threeleggedbunny who today got a 100% vote from me followed by a @curie, the ONLY worthy pick so far'...

I use a modified script provided by @abh12345 utilising HIVE-SQL to find underappreciated authors, of low reputation, who get low rewards and put the effort in.

Without disclosing my criteria I believe I am not the only one who uses similar 'devious tactics'.

Let's get to the meat of all this, and if you are a vegetarian, the Quorn.


...'too foreign or political for me. Write as you will, I wont give votes to this kind of content'...

HIVE is gaining value (or was until a few days ago), and I see a few new people arriving. Some of them use tags such as #GEMS, #OCD, #CURANGEL, and ever so rarely #CURIE.

Does a real new person to HIVE know about such deliberate tagging to gain attention?

While I won’t completely disregard a great post with any of these tags from an author who created their account yesterday, it raises my alarm bells.

…'if you came here to try and farm, then you had better leave. Most curators know all the tricks, so don't try and fool us'…

If I find something that looks good, then it had better be written in English, written with originality, not about crypto, not about politics, and it had better teach me something or make me laugh.

This is MY criteria, not everyone else’s. There is no wonderful formula for getting big votes and all those other curators will have their own little likes and dislikes.


...'no disrespect but this one currently sitting at 2c got passed over as it appears to factual. Maybe it's just me, but if there's even a 1% chance it's been lifted off the internet, then I get instant brewers droop'...

Does the finger hover over the vote button and click or is it a case of NEXT one?

Occasionally I check the account. Are they on constant power-down, do they sit back and wait for the votes, do they interact with others, do they vote for others?

Has this person been getting constant large votes, how often do they post, do they self-vote, do they continually get ignored?

Has this person ever bought any HIVE? It's not a criteria but I always look and see what the author's voting power is like. A new account that has invested is a massive bonus.

It's not all about take, take, take..., remember that.


'@jontv seems to put effort into his images, but are they his own images? Great presentation, but little in the way of narrative made my finger miss the upvote button again'...

You can’t run, you can’t hide as everything is public and anyone can see the your behavior.

All this takes TIME which is a very limited and valuable resource for me. If you want my vote, then it needs to be deserved.

So to recap, this is what I look for

  • Longer content
  • Your own photography
  • I want to learn something
  • I also want to laugh
  • No ripping off anything from anywhere else
  • Cite anything if you do need to use others' content
  • No blurry images
  • Content that is spelled correctly (use Grammarly, it's free!)
  • Posts that are undervalued in terms of rewards
  • No beggars, don't hassle me on Discord for support, it happens.
  • I want to stay awake while reading and not be bored to death

Quite simple really. So why are today's offerings outside of my criteria and my voting power is over 90%?

As well as dishing out curation, I ALWAYS give a worthy post my own substantial vote, followed by a @curie. I will look again in a few hours so you lot had better buck up.


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