One of my favorite themes in photography is levitation. I love to see people levitating around with no expression. Maybe because I love to watch movies about witches or telekinetic powers, like Harry Potter, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, El on Stranger Things, and others like that.

Levitation - tree.jpg
The entity

I love to see the effect of people flying or moving things only with their mind. But I'm not eager enough to make photos with that kind of maximum digital image effect. Mostly, I edit photos in a practical way.

Levitation - side.jpg
Going hunting

I also like to retouch my photos to be dark style or something like that. Again because of the influence of dark / gothic themed movies or stories that I like. But it's not always. Sometimes I also retouch photos with other styles, or watch movies / read stories with other themes.

Levitation - lake.jpg
"Don't. Come. This. Way."

I used to "levitate myself" by using a self-timer or being photographed by some friends, by jumped around or used something to help me levitate. Sometimes it's just a photo editing trick.

Levitation - me.jpeg
The unknown figure

For this levitation photo session, the model was my friend, her name was Ita too (except photo no.4). I used my phone camera with burst mode, edited with SnapSeed (except photo no. 4). Photo taken before the pandemic.

Levitation - back.jpg
Back to the lair

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy the "show" 😁
See you around!

All image original photo by @sigota

Mode:Burst shoot
Model:Itagemasih (pic no. 1,2,3,5), me (pic no. 4 - self-timer)
Location:Ragunan, South Jakarta
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