19 Ultimate Hive Tips For Brand New Users

Dear Hivers,

Hive's popularity calls for our undivided attention. New users are looking for ideas, guidance, and valuable insights to learn faster.

That is why I have prepared this ultimate guide to assist brand new users. If you belong to this new club, then these 19 tips will stimulate your mind – show you what's important – and will be an instrumental foundation for your growth.


Note: These tips are the result of my Hive + 8 years of blogging experience. Therefore you will see these tips are designed to avoid mistakes and discover new insights – so you can take your Hive experience to the next level.

Let's start:

#1: Start by expanding your boundary

If you have signed up, there’s a good chance that you are in love with yourself. You love your profile — your wallet — and your notifications. Self-love is great.

But you might want to get out of your profile — and explore what’s out there. This is the first important step: to expand your boundary.

Because you see, Hive is a social platform — so have a bit of social fun here.

#2: Read. Read. And Read.

Hive is a gym. And reading is a gym equipment that will keep you fit. In other words: the more you read, the more you know about the authors — what they do — and what the platform actually is.

Plus, by reading more you are also feeding your mind the right food.


#3: Know that rewards will come.

You came here for rewards? Great. No one is judging.

But remember this: Hive is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You can’t fish for loopholes to succeed here. It works both ways: HIve offers you something and you should offer something in return.

Basically, add value to the ecosystem and it will give you back the returns.

#4: Find like-minded Hivers.

Behind these words are humans. These are Hivers you can easily follow and connect with. So find like-minded people like you.

Recently, I have also started doing this because you never know what comes out of it. So always remember to follow people with good reputation. This way you can learn what's working.

(Any reputation score over 50+ is good).

#5: Engage with your heart.

Moment you come outside of your profile, not only do you get to read but also engage with new people. Lately, with initiatives like #POSH, engagement is considered equally important.

For more details, check out this post: 9 do’s and don’ts of engagement

#6: Understand Hive and Hive Dollar.

On the surface level, it is important to know what Hive and Hive dollars actually are. You should know the relationship between them — and how you can benefit from it. A bit of economic understanding helps, you know.

Read more: Hive dollar + Hive

#7: Pick what’s relevant to you.

Hive is full of content. And that is why, right out of the gate, you should pick the topic of your interest. You can follow people – check homepage – sidebar to discover content you can relate to.

Once you have read enough, and followed enough, you can move onto writing content.

#8: Write content that matters.

Two key points: First, think twice about your post's headline. Make sure it is clear and easily understandable (simple yet so important).

Second: Offer good content. Content that adds new information – value – while respecting your readers... and the community guidelines.

#9: Please don't copy.

"Hey Sid, can't I just copy-paste content?"

A lot of people will be watching you here. The Hive community doesn't appreciate spam and abuse. There's a reason why we have a downvote button.

Plus, take @hivewatchers for example. Or @Jaguar.force. Their job is to discover plagiarism. You don’t want them to expose your dark side, do you?

Always go with original content. (It also makes you feel good)

#10: Format your content for readability.

When writing content, apply simple formatting techniques.

Use subheads — write short paragraphs — pick simple punctuations — and sprinkle images. All this will collectively make your content a delight to read.

Additional resources: 5 Powerful Formatting Tricks

#11: Participate in something new.

Don’t know what to write? Good.

You can now pick something new by exploring tags like #contest and #challenge. Once you go through these tags, you will find several initiatives.

Pick, think, and write. (What a fun creative process, isn't it?)

#12: Add tags before publishing.

Not just any tags but the right tags — these right tags will bring attention to your post. It also helps curators to discover your content.

Tip: If you don’t know which tag to use, simply check out a couple of posts and scroll down to find relevant tags.

#13: Use apps to stay closer to Hive.

  • Esteem - You can use this instead of Hive.blog
  • Peakd - Similar to Esteem
  • 3speak - For uploading video content.
  • Dblog - For a custom blog on Hive.

Find more here and here.

#14: Explore communities

You can publish your articles on related communities. I personally publish on OCD and GEMS. To explore all the communities, click here.


#15: Don’t forget to encourage others…

There’s an age-old quote from Buddha about the power of giving — and why giving changes your life. It is true even here.

Not only is it a good practice to look upto each other but also to give as much as possible. If you can vote? Then vote!

Tip: Don't forget to check your voting bandwidth on Hiveblocks.

#16: Don’t compare yourself with anyone.

Why is this person doing better than me? Look at her followers — her posts — and that ridiculous payout… I certainly deserve better?

You do deserve better. Only if you can drop comparison — and accept discipline.

Because very soon you will discover that — not just on Hive but also in life — anyone who works consistently gets lucky. Therefore throw comparison out.

#17: Want help? Just ask.

You know, I ask a lot of questions. Most of them are silly. For which I have no answer.

So I go to ask witnesses, old members, and the community. Point is: If you want anything? Simply ask here. No one is judging.

#18: Say YES to Patience

Shortcuts rarely work. In life. And on Hive. So if you are here for personal gains, you have to accept patience. Do not be disappointed with no engagement, no rewards, or less votes.

Just consistently offer value over a period of time and the community will see it. Then they will give you what you want.

(The returns are often multiplied).

#19: Celebrate your time

Hive is a true community-driven platform with variety of people – who are into business, trading, photography, art, writing, and so on.

So when you are here? Just celebrate your time with the community. You can be raw, real, and authentic. Plus, be enthusiastic and positive.

Just have a good time, you see.



That's quite a list, isn't it?

So there you have it... all the important tips and valuable insights to take your Hive experience to the next level.

From reading to writing to participating in this ever-growing community... these 19 tips have showed you all.

One key point to remember: Hive is a self-fulfilling system.

You add value to the Hive ecosystem. And it adds value back to you. That's why it is one of the hottest attention economy platform in the blockchain industry.

And with this, we complete this article. Once again, I hope and wish you found these tips useful. Pick what you like, test them out, and see what comes out of it.

And if you have any questions? Feel free to let me know.


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