Hive SEO Guide — Introduction & Initial Thoughts

Dear Hivers,

Since last month I was planning to start an SEO series for everyone here. And now, we are finally launching.

Hive SEO Guide is a series of articles produced and published every week. It will contain more than tips and tricks. It will contain concrete ideas, strategies, and examples to show you what is important.


Mission is to incorporate SEO strategies in your articles. With that said, this post is an introduction to this exciting new series.

How It All Started

If you know, recently @abh12345 organized a contest. The aim was simple: to get articles ranked on the first page of Google. Before this, there was also another SEO post.

I commented and we started planning. We felt Hive can use a good SEO guide. And so I quickly outlined the idea and shared it.


That was last month. And now, with this post, we will continue adding new pieces of content to the series. I will be updating this post regularly as well.

Who Is This For?

In short: everyone.

That's because on Hive we have a wide variety of users. As @kevinwong once mentioned, we have:

  • Passive investors: Those who buy Hive tokens and wait for the platform to succeed. They are often silent.

  • Active investors: Those who have purchased Hive tokens and continue to influence the platform through their activity.

  • Workers: Those who perform valuable tasks (publish content / comment).


Workers (including me) will be using this SEO guide. It is a skill you will pick up. And this skill will eventually influence active investors. Then, seeing the platform grow, this will also activate passive investors.

In short, I believe everyone will benefit.

How It Benefits You?

First, I don't want this to be another SEO guide filled with technical words and no concrete examples. I want it to be something you can execute with a smile.

You can execute this NOT just inside of Hive but also outside.

Workers like us will also have an added advantage. As you learn these SEO techniques, you can implement them on Hive or any personal projects to see its effect.

In both the cases, you can use SEO to grow and build your audience. To understand the content game. And to attract organic traffic.


Whatever the case is, learning SEO can be useful. Perhaps you are going to blog, create content, or do something on your own — my idea is also to create something that is timeless.

Lastly, Let's Talk About Ranking

Right now, Hive articles are ranking quickly and losing quickly as well. In fact, I have been monitoring some of the keywords. And I am seeing a pattern.

For the exact keyword, one of my 3Speak article ranked in Google with a featured snippets. It longer has this snippet now.

To take a step back, these featured snippets are rarely talked about.

If you didn't know, these snippets are boxes taking the first place in Google. The image below should explain it. Such featured snippets not only helps the user but is also a great indication of Google's trust on the platform.

For exampple: Hive tips for new users received several links and was also translated in Spanish. Now it has featured snippet for the exact keyword.


In my blogging career, I was fortunate to use SEO techniques (both black and white hat methods) to bring millions of visitors to my blogs. And I believe all of us can use on-page SEO techniques to improve the Hive platform.

As we continue this series, we will get into the details soon. For now, we will take one step at a time.

If anyone wishes to join this journey, and want to contribute content to the series, let me know. The idea is to create consumable less-than-15-minute guide to SEO while including examples, images, and exercises.

All in all, this is the beginning. And this is going to a fun ride.


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