Beauty of the village and time spend by @shahzadmushtaq1

Hello guys!

I hope you are all well and enjoying your life. All family members planned to go to Abbottabad. We saw many beautiful places on the way. As we approached Abbottabad, we saw a beautiful village with greenery everywhere and a beautiful house built in it.


The house was so beautiful that all of us family members planned to stay thereWhen we entered the house, we saw that it had three rooms, a sitting room, a beautiful kitchen and an open courtyard. There was a small family living in the house. The parents lived there with their three children.


We spent some time with them. The people on them were very nice. When we climbed on the roof, we saw the view around. It was very beautiful.After spending some time with them, we left for our destination


After spending there, we left for Lahore in the morning. As soon as we reached Lahore, it was raining heavily. We spent some time with our relatives. When the rain stopped, we left the house. We saw that everything was fine. When the sun came up, Torinbo began to appear. We played cricket. After that we feel hungry so we decided to eat something like pizza, bargar with coke.


We reached pizza hurt. It was a very delicious one. In a short while we came home from you. We were very tired so we fell asleep.These days are very memorable for me.

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