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Hi, My name is Ede Odinakachukwu J (0dis). I’m from Enugu, South-East of Nigeria. I’m a graduate Civil Engineer. To be honest, I never thought that there would be a social media platform that rewards users for promoting contents. Literally, you’d only get paid when your contents are optimized through digital marketing.
Until my friend @voski told me about this community since he was the one that enlightened me about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

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I’m very passionate about designs and art (mostly digital). I draw Computer Aided Designs with Revit and AutoCAD both for my civil engineering career. I use Photoshop and a little bit of Illustrator for a Graphic Designing skill that I want to add to my resume.
I recently started coding too. Currently learning Front-end Web development using Freecodecamp, Udemy and Youtube. My motivation is the Application of Virtual Reality in Construction. I think it is cool and I want to be part of it.


Aside watching movies and reading books, I enjoy taking a walk occasionally on Saturday evenings alone with soft music.
As part of the community, I want to make friends, learn and have fun.


Special thanks to @demotruk for the suggestions.

Happy to connect with you guys!

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