Testing Testing Narrowboat Engine 1,2,3

Hail to the Hive!

Well we are now nearing the end of our temporary halt to nomadic canal life on Badger the Narrowboat. The last few bits of work on the electrics are being finalised and a few more test runs for the engine and we should be about ready to be set free and back into the wild! I can't wait. s much as it has been a nice spot to be stuck in and with and among some lovely boat people, we need to get going soon. It's what we love about this life and we very much need to get back on track....or on canal as it were.

In this weeks video we do another test run, encounter a rougue runaway boat and get a few bits done on the boat. With any luck we will be set free soon to live nomadic aboard Badger the Narrowboat!



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