A budding step in the Hive world

Hola Hive family,

My name is Shreya and I am from India, born and brought up in the beautiful hills of Uttarakhand. I have professional experience in the field of Human Resource (HR) in startups and established organizations. Working in startups in early stages of your career helps you in personal grooming of skills and I am the lucky one. But my love for doing something out of the box made me leave the job and join my father in his business at home. Our business interests are Cements and Hardware (building material). Currently my second year is running in the same, which by god’s grace is running pretty well. I am handed over the business completely now.

Apart from business, other interest zones for me are painting (folk and abstract), crafting, reading(mostly fiction and spirituality) and socializing. I love people, talking to them and knowing their experiences and stories are something I enjoy a lot. Every story I hear whether love or heartbreak, struggle or patience, pain or agony, trust or ditch, it definitely teaches me a lesson for life and it moves on that way. I also have keen interest in music- Bollywood, Classical and Semi Classical Indian Music. Recently I have also developed my hobby in cooking- Indian sweets and snacks mainly. Hope your mouth fills with water after having a look at the picturesđŸ˜„.

As I complete 26th year of my joyful life this December, I am looking forward to starting new projects in life to interact more with people and that is the reason that after a friend's referral I have joined hive. I am here to share my experiences, lessons and creative work I am into because I guess ‘Sharing is caring’.

I always see the better coming, even out of a situation. That’s how I am brought up. We are three members in the family, lovely parents and me, of course. I am a person with zero regrets and my philosophy in life is to never turn back at events, whether good or bad. I DON’T REGRET. And this is not because I have not made any wrong decisions in life but because whether good or bad they were mine. I owe them and am definitely proud. They turned me into the person that I am today. I was, is and will always be supported by my gorgeous family.

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I am looking for some add on skills and want to develop arts like doodling, scribbling, maybe some more knowledge in finance and education. Excited about this new journey on Hive that I start from today. Thanks for reading me out, you gorgeous people. Good Day!

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