HSBI Sponsorship Trading Updates & Contest

Updates to the Trading Terms and A New Contest

The stoke behind the HSBI Sponsorship trades was incredibly successful in my last post we were able to acquire a decent number of units to grow the community.

Thanks to our friend @stekene with a trade of 5 HSBI we have hit a new posting milestone for automated upvotes.

I am now qualified for a weekly upvote from HSBI, and I am looking to increase my share of units through running further sponsorship posts & trying out a contest model for better engagement.

Everyone who reblogs this post will have a chance to win some free HSBI.

Community Growth is what Hive is all about

While my intention was to increase my own shares, I also set a goal to help grow an existing community and its members through this program as well.

For this reason, I am changing how my trading system works to benefit the community that I am working with.

I am asking the entire community on hive to come together and show some love to the tribe @skatehive and donate some of your time and attention to this program which is mutually beneficial to all parties.

Trading HSBI Sponsorship Requirements

In order to access my trading system, I require that you sponsor the @skatehive account with tiered levels of sponsorship and social support access to higher trades.

1up to 10NA
10up to 25Follow on hive
25up to 50Fan on hive.vote

The skatehive account currently has a regular content creation schedule that warrants weekly sponsorship support.

My favorite thing about this program is the tracking of rewards on posts which we have qualified for on the last skater of the week post #36.


If this post is able to obtain even one person looking to access a trade in the third tier up to 50 units then I will have achieved my goal of supporting the skatehive community with a lifetime of votes on their skater of the week posts.

For those interested in making a trade, please drop me a comment on this post and let me know how much you are looking to trade.

IF you need help on HOW TO SPONSOR check out my last post which includes a detailed guide on the easiest method to sponsor your favorite content creators.

I will provide you with further instructions and hopefully in a timely manner.

If you are wondering how HSBI works, please check out the official website for this third-party service.


Contest Requirements

Everyone who reblogs this post will be entered into a drawing after post payout to win 1 HSBI which will be announced and distributed in a following post.

Good luck and may the best reblogger win!

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