The Totalitarian (Astrological) Spiral: Downwards, Upwards, Or Both...?

Life is weird.

Amidst all the impressive technological progress the human race has made the last hundred years, it's also rather perplexing to consider the seeming degradation of our collective intelligence as billions of people are now walking around with diapers on their face and injecting themselves with experimental poisons because corrupt politicians tell them to.

While we've grown by leaps and bounds in all sorts of ways, one cannot help but question whether our advancement in some arenas of life has been matched with an equivalent level of devolution in others.


Those of us in the western world have grown up, reading history books and educated into a worldview where it seemed the atrocities of genocide and such events like those that occured in Nazi Germany are merely a thing of the past - that we learned our lessons and would never repeat them. Yet, the past year has been seeming to suggest otherwise.

(One thing I appreciate about my audience here: most of you guys already get it. There's little need to go into detail and spell out the why and articulate the immense amount of evidence to back such statements - and those of you who do indeed see through the facade & mass gaslighting, you are amongst the approximate 5% of our world's population which I have the most respect for.)

The parallels drawn between tyrannical fuckery of the past and what's unfolded within the agenda of the great Corona hoax are blatantly obvious to those with third eyes open.

And it could even be argued that what we've lived through over the last year is at an unmatched scale. Sure, we haven't seen the direct slaughter of millions as in previous genocides - though time is yet to tell whether the outcome of the cult of scientism's latest experiment in gene therapy outpaces them. And either way, Hitler and other dictators of the past would probably be hard with envy at the sheer power of today's propaganda campaigns and their shocking effectiveness to gaslight billions of people in every country on the globe into a collective dreamspell.

Many of us saw it coming. And for our speaking out against the mainstream narrative, we've been censored, ridiculed, condemned, and outcasted as "conspiracy theorists." Yet no amount of slander changes the Truth. No matter the majority's choice to remain deaf, dumb, and blinded with cult dogma and myth, there are cold, hard facts which no amount of corporate & govermental suppression can kill.

These are some fucking crazy times.


While it's easy to slump back into our own cognitive biases and draw conclusions about what this all means and deem that history is indeed repeating itself and we're headed for the worst... are we really in a downward spiral - or if zooming out to glimpse a much bigger picture, have we actually spiralled up - despite how contradictory that may seem on the surface of things?


If we wanted to compare Nazi Germany to the state of affairs in countries such my own, Canada, today, we could. Chances are, you've already observed those dialogues if not participating in them. Though, might it be possible that these debates are marked by the distortions of slippery slope fallacy?

Some have talked about the "concentration camps" here. Well, if we're gonna look at it objectively, you can't ignore the difference between rounding up people against their will based on race and imposing a 14-day quarantine in a hotel after flying back into the country. I know, it's not as gratifying to the parts of us that love drama to bring such distinctions into focus. Though... yeah.

Or on the topic of mandatory medical experimentations... no doubt, both the masks and vaxes are in violation of the Nuremberg Code. However, while resisting such totalitarian measures would've probably got you shot on the spot in Nazi Germany, mask exemptions are a thing - even if most retail employees are ignorant and make it a hassle to stand up for your constitutional rights. And with the experimental gene therapy injections disgracefully called "vaccines," no one is holding you down and forcing it upon you. (Unless you're mentally disabled. That has actually been happening.) Ultimately, it's your sovereign decision to whether to give into the peer pressure from a mob of sheep/zombie-like dumbfucks who've sacrificed their critical thinking skills to the altar of propaganda. Or if you were to work for an employer who demanded it, it's your choice as to whether your sovereignty is worth a paycheck from a company undertaking criminal violations of human rights by attempting to extort you in such a fashion.

So, it is different.

Whilst that fight-or-flight instinct may flare up with our freedoms have been infringed upon and all the threats characteristic of textbook totalitarianism, we have to at least acknowledge that things are somewhat better than even certain countries in the world now where dictatorial rule is no fucking joke.


A few times over the last while, the thought has crossed my mind: what if - at some level - this isn't history repeating, but some sort of twisted opportunity to heal the trauma left from such past events?

Like, there's an obvious intense reaction to what's unfolding, even though it's not exactly the same... so what if this is some Divinely-perfect chance to heal that within which is triggering the overreaction and driving me to continually choose intense resistance rather than surrendering to the flow of life with acceptance of that beyond my control?

(Granted, it's mostly been a passing thought which I've not acted upon / put into practice - instead quickly reverting back to fierce opposition to the ever-pervasive fuckery occuring on this planet daily.)

It was fascinating, however, hearing the same concept reflected back in a podcast from half of the couple I rent my condo from. She's pretty fucking awesome and tuned in. So when the episode opened with her sharing a vision she had in 2016 of 'the Nazi Germany energy making a return - for the purpose of enabling us to heal through it' - I was intrigued.

And what if she's right?

What if this tsunami-wave of tyrannical fuckery this last year is not exactly a looping-back of history repeating itself, but a spiralling-up to reapproach some of the same archetypal energies from a higher perspective/dimension/level of consciousness?


I've drawn upon this imagery / conceptualization before, in the context of an astrological lens...

As the planets proceed through their cycles, we progress through repeating sets of energetic conditions. (Though the precise set of circumstances is always different - any particular planetary position, but one in a dynamic interplay with others, continually in motion forming new alchemical configurations.)

Yet what if we were to expand our view of the astrological wheel from the flat 2D surface, integrating the wisdom available in a system/framework such as Spiral Dynamics to expand into a 3rd dimension - whereas we'd not merely be circling around in loops, but spiralling upwards?

On one plane, a complete loop of an astrological cycle may appear to end up back in the same place, bringing similar energetic influences & conditions. Yet, as we "come back" to that "same" position, we've climbed the ascensionary ladder of consciousness and expanded in many regards - possibly at the same x & y coordinates, though elevated higher up on the z axis a traditional astrological chart doesn't account for.


So certainly, whether we'd be digging into the astrology to find which specific transits are present now that are the same as when crazy shit was going down in Nazi Germany (or previous civil wars, election fraud fuckery, etc) or simply look at from a strictly energetic standpoint, there certainly are many parallels to be drawn that may be reason for concern.

Though perhaps, it is only parts of history that are to repeat themselves - with things obviously being different, given the drastically different conditions overall we're dealing with after nearly a century of highly significant technological & cultural development.

So what if there are several cognitive biases at play in the "conspiracy theorist" lens which many of us have been looking at the world throught that've narrowed our focus from seeing a much larger perspective?

And that's not to say many (or most) of the "theories" aren't true. Certainly, many are. However, it could be that many of the conclusions we've drawn about what they mean, the implications, and expectations of what might come next are not as we've thought.

T'is possible that while the totalitarian power grabs have been blatantly obvious and directed towards openly-secret ends, such plans born of the minds of men are fated to be thwarted in new energetic conditions they can't control.

T'is possible that while history may seem to be repeating in some regards, technological advancements such the internet have equipped the people with the means to effectively spread knowledge countering the propaganda and fuel a revolutionary force which shall alter the trajectory of the loop in a new, unpredictable direction.

Sure, there are going to be casualties in this war. But an objective assessment reveals it is different this time: many who fall, doing so as a consequence of their own (ill-informed) choices - rather than outright force against their will. Yes, the propaganda has been strong & effective. Yet, a higher sovereign path still remains here for those who choose. And it would be negligent to brush that off rather than acknowledge it as at least some form of improvement or upgrade since the last time we went through these types of cycles & energies.


And as for the healing bit... well, I dunno.

Surely, each of the seven billion people on this planet - *if those wearing face diapers while driving alone in their cars *aren't just NPCs - have their own unique divine soul blueprint and course of lessons. So as to how that healing may occur and what it looks, the answers may be drastically different for each individual.

And maybe it isn't a matter of healing for some. Maybe for some "younger souls," this is the chapter of their soul journey where their blind faith in tyrannical entities creates the traumas they'll spend their next life cycles healing from. Who fucking knows.

In any case, all some perspectives to contemplate.

And perhaps some potent food for thought to recall when in the heat of the battle and tempted into thinking it's all going to shit.

Cuz who knows. Maybe it's not... 🤷‍♂️