Maturation: Rethinking The Fruits Of Wealth

It's kind of a funny reflection of the immaturity of the crypto community - or at least it was the last bull market - to see the obsession with Lambos...

Granted, I, myself, once viewed wealth as something that could simply buy fancy homes across the worlds, a collection of luxury vehicles, exotic travel, and all those shiny material things.

It's been interesting to observe what's actually happened as my wealth has increased via crypto...


Namely, there is one particular thing that's changed: grocery habits.

Lol. Yes, no joke.

Even back in Bali when I started earning a bit more money DJing regularly, the thing that changed the most was eating out abundantly without concern for the costs. And now, while I've avoided restaurants entirely for the last 6 months due to the mask charade, my entire relationship with eating at home has been transformed as having no concern for cost when going for grocery runs.

Whether stocking up for 3 weeks worth of food over the winter, the Costco run I did when visiting parents and amassing over $800 worth of goods to bring back, or flowing some cash into the local community at the farmer's market, it's been an entirely different experiencing stepping into such an abundance of healthy food.

And aside from that, it's just been small shit.

A good collection of essential oils and nebulizing diffuser. Some carbon wheels and few new components for my mountain bike. It racks my brain to even try thinking of where else my money has been going. Definitely not what might be expected as one's wealth grows significantly.


As for the living conditions, the dream of the $4 million condo on the hill in West Vancouver has been downgraded.

While the universe delivered and brought me to the absolute best one-bedroom mountainside condo I could've asked for with the best snowboarding in Canada literally out my front door, I was honestly near ready to live in a trailer park. This just happened to be literally the only option that opened up for renting in this town. An upgrade, definitely. Though it's also interesting that while the steeper rent expense was a step out of my comfort zone, my portfolio's done something like a 6x since taking that leap of trust. (And utilizing Nexo's collateralized loans to pay my landlord in BTC turned out to be a fucking brilliant idea - only the first & last month's rent paid from ETH sold when it was $700.)

But aside from that... I'm still driving a Civic. And no desire for anything more at this point. Perhaps someday, I'll go for a Porsche SUV. Though no way I'd ever drive a Lambo in this town. (Only way I ever would buy one is if I moved to the city and XRP hit 5-digits.)

No need for fancy clothes. Probably wouldn't hurt to buy a new pair of shoes, as the couple I have are getting pretty old and kinda ratty. Though I go out so rarely, barely seems worth it. (Though did get a pair of mountain biking shoes, which is good investment and almost kinda stupid not to, given the price of the bike.)

I haven't been drinking lately, so costs cut down there. Though in the spirit of supporting local business, have bought a couple bottles of fantastic spirits from the town distillery - though nothing as extravagent as Moet and fancy 18-year scotches.

At some point down the line, I'll probably replace the carbon fibre acoustic guitar I'd sold cuz I thought I was travelling again - before covid hit - with the model higher up the line. But besides that... what else do I need?

Far better simply minimizing withdrawals from crypto as much as possible to let it keep growing.

And only difference then will probably be some more travel, owning my own property, and the more expensive fruits in abundance. (I still have a hard time spending $$ on stuff like out-of-season berries which seem way overpriced. Ha!)


Moral of the story?

I dunno. Just sharing.

Maybe it's a reflection of the "walk the walk" type maturity that'd be cool to see more of in the crypto community. Less obsession with Lambos. More contentment in health foods.

Or maybe there's one person reading this on the other side of the planet who may take this as an example to upgrade the type of old cultural conditioning that's had many of us drooling over the lifestyles flaunted in music videos - to recalibrate his/her strategy and vision to reflect something more simple & basic, wherein there's to be found a far greater degree of peace, satisfaction, and success in the small things in life - even if you could afford to go all-out ballin.'

Or maybe my subconscious is leaving this here for myself to look back at one day. So I can see the track of growth I've walked from my more humble crypto start in Bali, to the meteoric rise in 2017 and overambitious materialistic focus which led to a loss of $1.5 million and the collapse of my marriage, to a humble rebirth with greater maturity and more simplistic goals. Or a sort of self-acknowledgement and celebration.

At one point in time, I couldn't totally relate to the stories of Warren Buffet - a full-out billionaire - still driving his same old beat up pickup truck. Though the older, wiser, and wealthier I get, I kinda get it...

Perhaps it's natural to want all the fancy stuff when younger. Whether to impress others or merely prove something to oneself and feel important by having alot of toys. Though after a few rounds of proper life experience, a person really does discover it takes alot less to happier. And that while a fast car may provide some quick, expensive thrills, there's actually a whole lot more inherent worth in an abundance of quality food to properly nourish oneself and remain in the best health possible.

Of course, we'll see how I stand the tests of temptation in a few years as crypto kicks up into an entirely other level. 😎