Beautiful House in the Mountains, Fresh Air and Cool Hills

Hello everyone...Peace be upon you, and God's mercy and blessings for you

Dear All my friends wherever you are. May all of us always be protected by Allah the Almighty, given health, facilitating all our affairs and sustenance and achieving all our aspirations and always success for all of us.

In this post I want to show all of my friends about the atmosphere of the mountains and the houses there where the atmosphere of the mountains is a very fresh and cool atmosphere which will certainly make our health healthier there.

Friends All, in the photo that I display in this post, it is a photo of a settlement that is very far from the city for about 50 kilometers and also enters the forest for about 5 km, but what is amazing is that there are still villages and houses.

and from the photo that I show, friends can see that everything is one of the houses in the interior or in the forest, but the area is clean and still gets electricity from the government and can also be reached by car or by motor vehicle without obstacles, which means that the road has been made and can be passed even though it has not been paved.

the house is located in a plantation area, I personally am very happy to be able to sit in the house because seeing the beautiful atmosphere and scenery, the fresh air, the green scenery makes us feel at home to stay there longer and enjoy the atmosphere of the natural beauty there.

Hopefully we can all make this nature more friendly to us, healthier, don't do illegal logging and don't pollute the environment. Hopefully we can live healthy wherever we are and hopefully we will always be successful.

I want to thank @ocdb as a admin in this OCD the wonderful community. I really love to join here .
And I also thanks to all of my friends who are willing to visit and read my posts. Your attention and support means a lot to me.

Camera : Samsung S20 Ultra
Category : Photography, Travel, Nature
Location : Aceh, Indonesia
Photografer : @rijalaronaceh

best regard @rijalaronaceh
21 July 2021

Thank you very much to all friends who support each other on the HIVE social media platform that we love. I hope we will continue to grow together, help each other help each other maintain mutual respect and progress and succeed together.

That's my post on this occasion. I hope that what I have written and posted here can all be useful for all of us and become reading material and consideration for all of us.

See you again on another occasion in the next post.

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