Meaning Of Life: The Unending Desires And Needs


Life is eternal. Life has more meaning than what we think about it. No matter what our age, We all are still young children.
And no one wants to die...

The Truth Of Life



There is something in you that never dies, never afraid of anything, never be perish, it lives always and it does not need any medium to pass.

The soul is neither born, and nor does it die.
A fearless soul has nothing to worry about, because it knows it cannot be caged, and nor can it be stopped. Thus, the fear of death is absurd, as our souls don't die
- Bhagavad Gita



Everything changes with time. The Body transforms with many changes and also does the mind changes. Our friends circle and do our perspective to life changes. And adapting our mind that everything will change is just okay make us more stabilized to changes because changes happen for good, and when we do accept the inner happiness that spreads in our whole body never fades and always stays.

So as we change ourselves with time, we change our environment and our world.

Meaning of Life


Everyone who was born on this earth started their journey on their first day, we all know that from born to death there is time we have to live. But this world throws us a bunch of rules and it's on us if we take this rule as it is or make us our own. Life is precious than anything. In between, there are so many phases emotions, love, family, friends, stimulation, and our unending desires and needs.

You born alone And You die alone.

Unending Desires And Needs


We all have to make our time more meaningful in this only life. Each of us has different kinds of needs and desires to fulfill in this only life. So how are we gonna make it?
Simple' If your fulfillment of needs are greater than the fulfillment of your desire so there is only unhappiness in your life. When you focus on needs, it's just for a bit of time. Desires are more like responsibilities you take to go and achieve a higher purpose
When we don't want anything for ourselves we start to do things for others. We got the strength to do something better for others.
But first, You have to be aware of what your desires are and surrender yourself to the almighty god.
And last Make your needs negligible or to zero. When you need nothing you start to develop a higher strength and whatever you do for others you give your all. Because it's only giving without expecting anything in return

In last there are only some questions that remain: How Much love you shared?
How Much We Did For Others To Make Their Life Better?
One day or some other, We will gonna die for sure But we have to make sure that "We Will Make This World A Better Place And Come Together.

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